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emote @tutorial with Pose and spoof help
A targetable dummy and additional instructions

The emote @tutorial is a fantastic resource, because the monitor in there lets you see how your poses appear to others. This is less important for spoofs and emotes since all persons see the exact same third-person message. (none of us is typing “you” in an emote, right?)

A dummy in the tutorial would help people learn to pose with pronouns targeted at other characters.

And tutorial content on the subject of spoofing, or even any indication that it’s on the menu, aren’t included.

I’ve just seen a lot of questions about those, so, @idea.

This seems like a cool idea. If it's not already included, adding an "options-pose" suggestion to the room script would be a good idea too.

Posing seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for newer players and this is a nice helping hand for them.