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Enhance the 'time' command

Have the time command return a fuzzy time when you do not have a watch or clock available to check. Something like "You don't have a watch on you but you'd guess it is sometime in the afternoon."

Example Fuzzy Times:

Early Morning: 0400-0759

Morning: 0800-10:59

Midday :1100-1359

Afternoon: 1400-1659

Evening: 1700-2059

Night: 2100-0359


I'd love this idea.

However, at the same time, if you go outside, you'll notice that in the room description, you can see the position of the sun at the bottom in bold white (I think, correct me if I'm wrong).

Generally you can, but it's not always accurate, either.

You can more or less tell the time of the day if you are outside. After room descriptions there is a message in bright white which will more or less give you an idea on the time of day, depending on the current weather.

You guys are 100% correct. Not sure how I've missed that all this time. Thanks!