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Whats to puts letters into

Some talk on the game-help channel of sending letters gave me this idea! Envelopes might make a nice addition to the game, if you ever wanted to send someone a letter and be just a bit more confident that your courier won't read it. Sure, there's nothing keeping someone from opening an envelope, but the recipient would be able to tell if it had been opened on the way - unless maybe using the thievery skill or something similar to discreetly open envelopes is a thing that is possible.

Having an envelope to open might also add that little extra bit of tension to getting various kinds of 'letters of termination', as well, perhaps...

And to expand, packages, like 3 sizes of box you can send items in that get 'thrown away' when you pull everything out of it. It would also be cool to attach an envelope to a package or be able to put one inside.

Small, allows a low @coverage item of clothing, or maybe something along the size of a phone. Stuff like that.

Medium, holds a full outfit like 3-4 pieces of clothing or material, several small items like phones. Maybe a single medium sized weapon like a small rifle or an Uzi.

Large: full sets of armor, large rifles, large amounts of small items.

I like the idea of envelopes.

I believe packages are already kind of in the game in the form of 'gift wrapping' - it might be neat to see that expanded a little, too.