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Facial cyberware QOL changes
Make face mods uninstallable/customisable.

pretty simple suggestion, allow facial cyberware to be uninstalled as well as allow facial cyberware (or other cyberware that can be customised) to be customised/modified after installation. currenly the only solution to a fucked up installation (spelling errors, etc) is death, to my knowledge - at least for face mods.

i know some people are still holding out on other "aesthetic" cyberware because of little inconvenient kinks in the installation/customisation process like this. if anyone wants to share any other possible improvements for other "aesthetic" cyberware (ie cyberboobs, etc) it would be appreciated.

Has @service-request been ruled out? I mean, good feature request, but possibly supplemental to the "only solution."
the option i was given via @service-request wasn't exactly preferable @beandip - but it'd be better to have an ic avenue to solve this anyway