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what you can, and can't do.

if you just rushed someone in an apartment, would you have the time, in a fight now, to count out some chyen, slot it into a door and have the door upgraded?

also, while fighting, i think all commands other than posture, weild/use/hold, and combat related commands should not work. (flee, stop attacking, etc... = combat related commands)

obviouslly talk, shout, emote, pose, and look, and the sic commands wouldnt be affected.

but realisticly could you call a number on your phone whlie fighting? possibly if you stopped attacking and just took it all, cowering over the phone for life.

but thats just my two cents.
for what its worth.

I have stopped attacking to call someone before.. or to use a medpack.. i think th ats IC..

Why go to all this trouble when any right-minded player simply avoid doing such things?

right, but you stopped attacking.

thats my point.

You have to slot in chyen to upgrade doors?  I thought you just pressed a button..

In the tiny apartments on RED, its no doubt possible to make a jump for the door and press a button (if that's all it is..  i don't remember)..  but much more than that is pushing it.  And even then, it should be more difficult than if someone wasn't attacking you.

He means they rented the apartment during combat I think.. then upgraded the door so they couldn't leave.

it cost chyen to upgrade the doors, i assume you have to slot it somewhere, either that or it magically disappears.

You don't slot nothing to upgrade..

You sure?  Huh.  Well I don't think counting out money and slotting it into the door is very IC.

but the money not being in your pocket anymore without putting it somewhere is IC?

Are you talking about renting an apartment now, or upgrading the door so you have to input the password in order to unlock it and leave?

okay i realize were posting quickly but that made no sense.

I suppose if they planned it out, they could have had the money ready.

I meant tool.

(Edited by Nemisis at 11:32 pm on Nov. 30, 2004)

But Tool, if you look up in that log if you have it, the certain someone who secured the door was not in combat....hope that dosn't cross anything, but if so, please delete.

never said he/she was, just making note for future.. ;)

EDIT: typo

(Edited by Tool at 11:36 pm on Nov. 30, 2004)


wait, is it okay if Person A is grappling Person B, and Person A tries to open a door while keeping a hold on Person B, but Person B keeps magically closing the door on Person A?

just checking ;)

(Edited by InsaneRadical at 8:45 pm on Nov. 30, 2004)

if they use their feet to close the door then yes ;)

In response to the opening post:
I remember thinking about non-combative actions taken in combat comming at a price.  Personally I think that 'get' should come with a loss of a combat round, or it should be disabled untill you 'stop attacking'.  To get to that katana/hatchet/dildo/carton of fries, that was kicked out of your hand and sent skidding across the floor I'd think you'd have to stop your attack and defense inorder to scoop up your weapon of choice. Seeing as if your attention is on said weapon, how can you be defending yourself, or mounting an offense.  

But this takes into account alot of ambient variables, placement in the room, the rooms size, light level, the amount of clutter in the room.  Too much to take into account with coded restrictions.

So as usual, police yourselves.  During a fight in a sewer (eww, first of all) Your not gonna see where that Katana hit the bottom of the pipe, or where that Mk23-S slid to right away.  As hard as it is, sometimes you -should- refrain from that 'get' command as soon as you see that succesful disarm.  Same goes for doors, no-one should be taking any action that requires thier hands, while grappled.  Posing kicking a door shut, if there's reason to belive your still close enough to it to do so is fine I'd say. But pressing keys on a door panel doesn't seem right to me.  Well yea, early morning ramblings. :boom:

Me thinks weapons should become hidden after a disarm. But like Bixby said, circumstances circumstances...

Hidden!  Thats kinda a cool idea.  Either way, I agree with Bixby.. I think get should cost a combat round.  I think anything non combatitive aside from talking/emoting/sic should cost a combat round.  As Iga/Kevlar/Johnny would say.. there /is/ an entire topic on this.. I know I've made posts about it before.  I'm too lazy to find a link though.


How about you guys go read the other topics on combat in the ideas forum.

this bad boy is locked.