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Finding stuff in markets.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Justin

A verb that can have you search the market for a certain object would be very useful. Because if you're looking for a specific thing, you're not going to be interested in looking at stuffed animals. And browse would still be good for just that, browsing.

I think this is a pretty good idea...maybe you could use a perception check to see whether or not you see the item you are looking for.  I personally get bored at the market, especially when all I can find are clips for guns and potted plants.  

"why yes sir, i'd like to pay 5000 for that lovely dryed up tulip."

sometimes while browsing, your just doing that. no real object of need but hey maybe you'll run across something cool... other times... you really really want/need a specific item, like.. NOW. and if it was the case in real life.. you wouldn't stop to look at the pretty stuffed kitty.. as interesting as it is. :P

yeah.. just agrea that the market(s) system could benifit from such a change.

I think it'd be neat, but there should be a reasonably high chance of failure. For instance, if the command is, say, browsefor <object>, then you might find a SHI GPS instead by accident, or something else sort of similar.