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Fire damage and graffiti
Always more work!

With the advent of fire damage, we have the command to repair fires. But the average person has no reason to care or to try and repair this damage. None-the-less would they necessarily possess the skills to do so.

While all players should be allowed to attempted to salvage things from a fire, I think it should be only the WCS employees that can actually repair it. Maybe tie the command to their uniform instead of the room?

There is also a lot of graffiti around town and while there are solvent cans that can remove it, they aren't exactly cheap. In fact, it's cheaper just to throw down more graffiti.

For the WCS employee however I would think there would be a private vendor for the solvent that is a much more approachable cost.

I agree about the graffiti.  (well , the rest as well , but i'd like to elaborate about the graffiti)

Honestly , as great and vibrant that graffiti makes the city, it tends to be extremely confusing for new people who don't know the history of the city.  

For example : At the city gates , a guy named Yoshi sprayed his sic info and phone number all over the place to help and recruit new players.  If in not mistaken , that phone number and alias hasn't been used since forever.  
I remember as a newbie that I went to look for this guy and never found him.  

Same with the Korova event that was sprayed all over the place.  

Now some of this graffiti could be used beneficial in roleplay (Gangers paying to remove the Sinner suck graffiti from their turf and respraying their gang signs all over the place) , most of it is just old , busted down and decayed information that is only going to end up confusing people.  

I honestly would love to see graffiti decay over time.  This would also be beneficial for roleplay and would make graffiti mean something.  
Gangers could pay people to keep their tags on the streets and people would actually pay attention to new graffiti that has been sprayed.

I actually believe in spraying shit over older shit. It adds to the setting of having really old shit that no-one cares of painting over.

What I wanted to see was the ability to get some posters and to be able to glue them to a wall. I see most walls on Red as being  layer over layer of printed propaganda under layer over layer of graffiti.

I agree with Jinx.  Maybe being able to "post" flyers that are printed with the enote would help that end...
Quote: from Malfius on 8:50 am on Oct. 17, 2012[br]most of it is just old , busted down and decayed information

And here we gently touch the very essence of cyberpunk.fleurtygirl

Fire damage, huh? Would be neat if we had fire fighters.
Other than structural damage, rewiring, or plumbing, most characters should be able to repair basic damage/cosmetic issues from a fire. How knowledgeable and patient you are would affect how good a job you do of putting up new wall surfaces, flooring, etc.

Most of the time, I'm not looking at grafitti, because it seems useless to my character. I agree that old grafitti under layers of new definitely adds to the flavor of cyberpunk. I'd ask, if you are walking down a street that you go down multiple times every day, how much attention do you pay to grafitti or posters? It just blurs into the background.