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Fire Damage Coded costs
500c supply pack sold somewhere or solvent cans or something

Fire damage right now is way too easy to fix with everyone basically being able to do it equally.

What would be amazing is some form cost too it... Say solvent cans with a graduated application similar to Graffiti removal. Or a supply pack or tool belt that essentially costs 500chy per use from the supply terminal that WCS can fill for free at home base.

Would be really nice to see some form of consequences beyond someone walking in and fixing things in a minute or two for fire damage, when most things that cause it are relatively expensive and difficult to acquire.

Keep the time to repair the same but require a cost too it would be my suggestion.

I was thinking the other day coded fire extinguishers would be an interesting addition to the game. It'd give first responders a little more to think about when charging into an active blaze.
There are already IC measures to deal with fires themselves :p
Before placing costs on damage, I think how environmental damage is incurred should be assessed first. If we're associating a cost with the damage, then it should be more difficult to create that damage than dropping a lit cigarette in a hallway.