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Firmware update to Progia-11
update the missed called feature to include a DateTime

Pretty much what i said on the tin really.

Its a small minor feature changes that isnt going to be ground breaking and probably would take more dev effort than its worth but being able to tell when a call was missed would help tell if its a new missed call or an old one..

10 missed calls from person x in the past hour.. damn it must be important...


what no one has called me in 20 days.. damn.. id better get my new grid number out there..

My main thing here is -- would this generate more RP -- or less?

I kind of feel like it would generate less RP. You'd be ignoring more of your missed calls instead of calling those numbers back -- because you might see they were from a week ago.

If you can make a strong case for this increasing RP (which is my main motivating factor at this point) I will look into this.

Fair point, ill leave that to the collective to comment.

just as always , my posts are always either my two chyen or a random through i'm throwing out there to the community..


game on!

A 'firmware update' to actually log missed calls would increase RP.

There are a handful of JIRA bug reports about this. Phone rings, phone stops ringing, look in missed calls, nothing there.