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Fixing clothing layouts
Clothing should bottom, not top

Copy and pasting it to avoid repeating my self and saying things in a different way.

Y'know what rustles my jimmies...

When a tailor makes something, and it's very high quality, but they make it awkwardly coveraged... And so that shirt you have, because it covers the neck or the gods forbid the ears(Literally seen this... Was like a built in hood on a shirt that wasn't designed to conceal the head or face... Like a set of bunny ears or something...) And all of a sudden you're reading it and it's like,

Her hair is red, vibrantly so, she wears a rabbit hoodie that covers her cleveage in a way to accentuates their natural plumpness, the hoodie cut off above the waist, exposing her abdomen for all to see. She has clear blue eyes. A small nose. And thin neck.

Her arms are skinny. Her abdomen is tight and compact.

This really should go in another thread, but I honestly think placing clothing by lowest naked, rather than highest would work out better.

Or tailors could not be pants on head retarded and actually make a pair of bunny ears that go on your head a separate item.

This just sounds like someone's being a cheapass when it comes to designing clothing and trying to bump profits in a way that makes zero sense ICly.

The issue would sort of present in reverse, you'd get to someone's feet and it starts to describe the neckline of their maxi dress.

I would kill an innocent mixer child for a @coverage pin to set which @naked the description starts on though.

There are no innocent mixer children. They are given PopPop's at age four and told to fight each other to the death.

Anyway, 0x1mm's got a really good idea there that builds on this weird semi problem.