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Foot cuffs.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Walker

WE've all seen 'em.. theyre the ones with the chains so you can only take like little bitty baby steps and they attach to the hand cuffs with chains right?
we need 'em.
it would solve many problems and make for cool RP, and if we get them we should get a vberb "crawl"
yup yup.

It should also be possible for people wearing just regular handcuffs to kick people in the balls repeatedly until they bleed.  :D

*annoys people*

There should also be hannibal lecter style restraints.

And hydroponic bubblers

Yes!  And a bite command!

shout ARRRR

bite first judge

Yes, we need a 'crawl' command to match the 'walk' command. I see that 'go' and 'east' imply your standing up when you do so.

Exit messages (coming and going) suck right now because they assume you method of motion. I do intend to fix that. I have to if your going to be able to crawl in because you are shackled; you have no legs; you jumped off a roof and broke your lower back and are paralysied.

So, in addition to open air vehicles, we need the exit messaging upgraded (lots of frigging objects) before we get limb loss and broken bones ... and shackles.

We also need more ninjas.


Jumping out of vehicles?

actually, that would be cool.  a duck and roll type deal.  I've RP'd it before, but..  basically it was just me opening the door and calmy stepping out onto the street.  WHILE THE VEHICLE WAS GOING AT TOP SPEED ARR.

Yes, Ninjas do this.  <_<

a run command would be cool too.


I use Charge for that.