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Four Cyberware Ideas
Johnny asked for more of these in XOOC the other day

So I thought of four potentially easyish to code cyberwares, that fill niches I see being potentially valuable to have filled.


SK Auto-Resuscitating System

A Full Heart Replacement which replaces your heart with a augmentation that includes a working artificial heart, with a container for resuscitation gas, and a small scale defibrillator. At three minutes after death the defibrillator activates and starts pulsing the body with electricity. This would act as essentially a revive for anyone with the augment who didn't get their neck snapped, or have the kill command used on them again after they died. However it would come at the cost of maintenance, with a limited amount of charge in the defib, and maybe two uses max of the revival gas. And necessitating a Cyberdoc or Ripper to come in and recharge and refuel it. There's all sorts of strategies and other nano's and wares that are used in limited amounts now might see more use with this.


SK Supplemental Valve System

Artery replacement that is activated with a Neural controller that acts as an activated way to sacrifice small amounts of physical pain(Injuries in the form of bruises and swelling.) to regain metabolic energy at a faster rate. In essence an augmentation that if you have a doctor present lets you rapidly get back up and get in the fight.

Expensive, possibly having a 24 hour lock out feature per every three uses. Or something similar. I basically picture this as the opposite or reverse of a Flashboost Capacitor.


The Annie Port(TM) Testicular and Prostate Replacement

Essentially a cyber vagina as horrifying as the Studdly DoRight. The name is basically a play on Any Port in a Storm. Essentially a Tenga, but... Cyberware. Describing this ones functionality on the forums may get a bit body horrory, so I'm going to leave this idea as an idea. And if staff are interested, I'll write up a description.


SK Makeup Hand(Name varies.)

This one is basically, a semi-cosmetic, semi-useful one... Basically a hand that let's you store up to 4 uses of different makeup types on it, And use them freely without having to change out the stuff your holding, and also allows a reflective surfacing to the thumb itself. Essentially as a mechanism think hollowed out replacement fingertip bones that contain the makeup. Not really more complex than Nailz are, in terms of the function they perform mechanically, but probably the most complex thing to code on this list. As a potential note and tell, you wouldn't be able to change the color of the makeup once it was added to the ware.

An auto-ressurection cyberware would go a long way towards making cyber generally more attractive.

I might make the gap 5 or 10 minutes, to give people time to finish whatever their crime is, and emphasize that just like corpse cloning you lose about an hour of memory.

That said, I think one reason why cyberware is underutilized at low and mid level play is the risk of financial loss when dying — it’s not just saving up for your cyber, it’s knowing it will be gone as soon as you are vatted. A world where often people get killed and end up coming back would encourage more CP “every street hanger has a cybernetic arm” vibes.

Cranking out some quick ones with zero regard to balance, just using rule of cool.

Vein-auto loader: Hands free drug shooting up.

Ink sac: Emits a cloud of ink that makes you harder to grab and gives a slight bonus to escape grapples and flee combat (must be actived manually like flashboost)

Amplified vocal chords: Lets you shout an additional level higher than others. 'loud' text can be customized to colors other than white. Maybe good for performers?

I've also thought it would be really cool for there to be some 'trash' grade chrome. Stuff that's made in the mix. It would cost half of what real chrome costs, and have double the pds load.

Burner wire-in: a dismantled Progia-7 that is linked straight into the brain.

Aluminum leg exoskeleton: Allows you to jump roofs but you take increased damage from falling.

Hunger suppressant: Food no longer gives you a @stat boost. Suppressent provides a low boost to charisma, which can be amplified if you are drunk or on drugs.

Neural Ventilator: Hole drilled in back of head with port. Releases blood from brain and lowers knockout time.

Now that we have rippers, I think it would be cool if we had some entry-level chrome like above that cost roughly five Kay to buy and five kay to install. I also think it would be great for entry level chrome like this to be "all in one" and not need a neural processor but have a REALLY high pds load. I like the idea of rippers getting hired to pull this nearly useless chrome out of people for low value resale. "all in one" chrome that costs 10k total to get put in, but has super high pds sounds really fun for newer players. Maybe they could be grotesque looking physically (-charisma? debuff too?) If anyone has any ideas for Mixer/Trash/Scavenger chrome that is objectively worse than the existing chrome I'd be interested to hear it.

Also, Rhea, that makeup nailz thing is super corpee themed and awesome.
Yeah I initially wanted to call it Spy Hand.

But then I realized how Corpie it was. And was like, "No that's actually got a lot of diversity in choice."

Anyway, another one I had...

WJF Shatterpoint System

This is an idea I had, for another negative cyberware, like the cortex bomb. That could be used to hold over someones head, or enforce compliance.

Essentially, a system of hammers worked into the joints of someone who is non-compliant that with a command word or SIC from an outside verifiable ID, lock down on the joints, severely hindering various statistics and providing heavy wounds if they try to flee. As a counter point, with enough strength they could be forced through, allowing you to temporarily resist the effects, or lessen them. But this would be a very high threshold task.

Next up,

Shadowspeaker Broadcast Telephonic Subdermal Microphone


Sunspeaker Telephonic Inner Ear Receiver

Either NLM or Pacsun equipment.

Essentially a two part proggia, allowing you to speak into a progia at distance, and recieve calls that take place locally. Alternate black market upgraded versions could include a version that can listen into calls from nearby people or nearby rooms.

I don't know to what extent the details are needed, but these are gaps I see currently:

And these are just generic ideas, I could discuss in some more detail how this could fit into SD's setting, and I'd be willing to write/work on the requisite lore and messaging, if applicable.

Combat-related chrome{/b]

-A wrist-blade / Mantis blade / Telescoping long blade for sword users.

-Similarly, a subdermal katar or punching blade for martial artists.

-Dermal Plating specialized for impact/projectile defense. Maybe tweaking dermal to provide better defense against other forms of damage in lieu of new dermals getting added.

-Drug auto-injectors. Load your favorite candy into a cartridge and be able to pump it as a free action in combat - note - this would only apply to the loaded candy.

-Non-nanogenic parity for existing nanogenic functions. Myomer muscle grafts, Hardwired Reflexes/Wires, synthetic blood, coagulin pump, etc. Basically, cheaper alternatives to nanogenics that might come with a slightly higher PDS load and be rippable. They'd also have no lag time on installation to getting a stats boost, and would likely be visible to some degree (unnaturally bulging muscles, fine silver-like filaments in the skin, off-color veins, etc.

-A perception boosting chip to augment existing eye/ear chrome.

-An upgraded skillsoft Mk.2 that's more suitable for using with combat-related skillsofts (this is a woefully untapped resource just begging to be used!) Yes, it comes with a socket cover and lock.

-Wireless scrambler implant. This would have to be pretty expensive and/or only usable for a limited duration. Once triggered, it couldn't be manually turned off, and maybe alerts nearby locations with some kind of tell that something's up. Static on SIC, garbled messaging, etc. This could also disrupt wireless camera transmissions, which would potentially give it a ton of alternative non-combat uses.

-BullyStopper9K: A set of insulated electrodes around your neck that can fry people attempting to choke you out. Might look like a collar or choker of some form when installed. Relatively cheap, and probably requiring a battox and time between uses. Essentially a one use get-out-of-jail-free card to prevent people with a significant statistical advantage on you from choking you out or dragging you around. Would leave your assailant temporarily stunned for a few seconds, and probably with a nice burn on their arms.

-CyberHeart: Exhaustion is a thing of the past. Replace your meat heart with a continuous-flow pump. Functionally identical to your normal heart under most circumstances, it really shines when an external gel-cel is attached, allowing the user's heart to run wide-open without causing rapid exhaustion. Power draw is high during this time, and a fully-charged gel-cel is only rated for a few minutes at maximum output. It's also not a simple task to place a fresh battery in the chest port, and would not be advisable in combat situations.

-Carbon Fiber Bonelace: Leverage the power of modern materials to upgrade that stone-age skeleton. Laugh in the face of falls that'd break lesser chums with both weight savings to help lessen the impact, as well as the incredible strength of carbon materials to distribute the shocks. Bonelacing effectively allows you to make risky jumps with some level of certainty that you're not going to simply splat when you land.

-SK AutoMed 8K: Take the supplies from commonly-found medical kits and slot them into your AutoMed™ ports, and relax, knowing that AutoMed™ will work around the clock to make sure you're healing at the fastest rate possible. Are you a paragon of physical health and training? Then let the AutoMed™ 8000 get YOU back into the fight - faster!

Non-combat related chrome

-Fiber optic dermalweave: Change skin colors on the fly, all through the natural skin color spectrum, or even to wilder colors, like blues, reds, greens or oranges. Spend the extra flash for the pattern chip and be able to display all kinds of patterns with your skin tones! Stripes, spots, other animal patterns, geometric shapes and more! Try the makeup module to access dozens of colors of blush, lipstick, eyeliner or eyeshadow!

-ColorNailz: The family-friendly implant that every cool kid in Cordoba is getting! Change the colors of your nails on the fly, set flashing color patterns, or even let all the hues of the rainbow flash from nail to nail in a dizzying array of cybernetic style!

-Cybershades: Block the sun and make a statement with these hard-affixed lenses. Electro-chromatic, and with a variety of tints and finishes available, you can darken or dim them to any lighting or social situation. And of course, you can rock the ever-fashionable chrome eyecovers look.

-HardTerm305: It's 2105, LiteTerms are so 2104. With the help of a cybereye and a retinal display, as well as having wireless signal, now you too can deck anywhere, anytime. This ultra-portable deck forgoes all the hardware for a virtual system only visible to it's user's visual overlay. Stop surfing the grid and become the grid.

-The Caterwaul: This single-use chrome is affixed to the spine and works in conjunction with your SIC. In the event of death, it greatly boosts the transmission power of your SIC to alert the SIC network that you've just experienced a loss-of-life incident, along with your triangulated location. Operating on the same basic mechanics as high-end automotive security systems, this chip is able to offer clone angels a chance to try and locate your corpse in time for a cloning. Due to the consumable and energetic nature of this implant, it's highly recommended that surgeons not attempt to remove it without having prior experience in doing so.

-Smuggler's compartments. Using much stronger Myomer muscle replacements, your surgeon is able to remove enough muscle mass in your forearm or thigh to provide you with a small compartment to smuggle handheld items in. Shielded so it's virtually impossible to scan the presence of the implant, or the contents of it, you're able to fit relatively small objects into body cavities, such as data chips, skillsofts, grenades, and even smaller weapons.

-Forearm Hook: Using a small grappling hook and carbon-fiber wiring, this small mid-range hook is able to be concealed directly within your forearm, and operates on a simple spring-load and gas-shock launching system. It only takes a moment to fire off the hook at a nearby rooftop and let the ratcheting spool assist you in climbing the impossibly thin strand of wire. Optionally: spring for attaching a battox gel-cel to a forearm attachment point to automatically winch yourself up to the roof!

Hard yes to basically everything there Talon, especially the martial arts nailz/cyberknuck equivalent.

The idea of companies trying to hawk BullyStopper™ chrome to corpie parents for their children seems quite on-theme as well. Possibly a hand zapper equivalent to cancel out disarms? Though I don't know how strong or weak that would be.

I like most of these, in fact I've suggested permutations of some of these in the past which I will post below.

Any Anti-grapple chorme?! Take my chyen please!

One of the things I enjoy less about SD is what I like to call rag-doll 'RP', where basically combat arch characters will grapple and drag you all over town (with no serious consequences) like a rag-doll, forcing you to 'RP' with them and do whatever they want with you (power fantasy anyone?) while giving you zero agency or chances for an out (for me this is the SD equivalent of T-bagging).

Iron Grip TM: Iron grip would be either a stand alone chrome hand or a chrome mod for your cyber-arm (same as mods for cyber eyes, but for ARMS, making them no longer only cosmetic, expensive and mostly useless as of the current build).

What does it do? Iron Grip locks in your grip (of either right or left hand) and prevents your grip from being broken and your weapon being disarmed from you.

Optional functionality (Iron Grip Pneumatic Grappling Hook): Your hand shoots out of your arm (inspector gadget style) while still connected by a steel cable to your arm. Iron Grip locks on the top of a building and then it pulls you up, like a mechanical grappling hook.

Optional functionality (Iron Grip Weapon Thrower): Throw your weapon into another room or at someone in combat and don't lose it, MK Scorpion style and maybe even drag them close to you (yes, distance is a combat factor) to get an edge against those pesky gun people.

Punishment ideas. These ideas are for when someone needs to be taught a lesson, but murder isn't working. Maybe they require a Decker to mod existing Cyberware to turn them into the bad versions? That way Decker's have something more they can do.

Each of these has a way of punishing someone based on what kind of mischief the victim gets into.

Naughty GPS: Every hour, this SIC hack reports the victim's location every hour (cm I am at %generalized-location).

Private Naughty GPS: Same as above but is tuned to CC a specific alias.

Carpal Tunnel Override: A chip that occasionally causes the chosen hand of the victim to drop what's being held. (Require cyber arm?)

Leg Override: A chip that causes the legs to give out, making the victim sit on command. (Require cyber leg?)

SkillHard Chip (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum): A chip that's tuned like a SkillSoft, but is hard-embedded to decrease the victim's skill.

Thoughtless Chip (Silver, Gold, Platinum): A SIC hack that reduces the victim's SIC speech to conversational, tourist-like, or wheezy.

Social Nightmare Chip: This chip reroutes all of the victim's @social emotes to the adverb of your choice.

Faith Chip: This chip makes the victim @trust a chosen target completely.

Laryngeal Implant: This implant makes the victim's @voice locked to the specifications chosen for the implant.