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Fuel/Temp Gauge Color Customization
Variation on the Christmas Color Theme

Would be neat to set the gauges on your ride to different colors.

Orange/blue? White/yellow?

Maybe just a list of preset themes/palettes?

I don't know if we have colorblind players, but this article makes a lot of good suggestions, including how to mix red and green together.

That was another potential concern of mine, but I didn't want to speak for anyone.
I don't think that having visually impaired players should mean no color is ever used at all. But I do think that it should always be a cherry on top of a cake that can stand alone. If color was turned off I should be able to function at 100% an lack no information. So use it but never make it something a player needs to depend on.

My two cents at least.

Oh, I wasn't implying no color.

I was suggesting the ability to change the colors of the gauges to what you wanted, by some means or another.

You'll note one side of the gauge uses one symbol and the other side of the gauge uses a different symbol. :)
Wasn't about differentiation either. Was more an aesthetics thing.

WHATEVER! I guess I botched explaining this one! :D

Oh, Holy, I get your OP. You want to customize your ride. I've spent many an hour in the mods garage of my street racing games. :-D
Code supports it now, but we don't have a mechanism yet to expose this to you for changing. Noodling on we do that ...

Niiiice! Murica Gauges!
Freedom Engaged!