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Fun cams
Pictures off rooftops

Taking pictures of streets off of rooftops?  What do you all think?

Stop taking pictures of me is what I think!! lol..

Nah sounds cool.

I say Yes!

Withmore NLM Streetview?

Yes!  It would make private eyes a more viable career path.  I love the idea of being able to take a picture of somebody without them knowing you're even there.

I agree, shooting pictures from rooftops or a distance is a plus. Maybe a add-on you can buy for some sweet ass zooming. I know all standard SLR camera's you can buy a zoom Lens.

Kinda like binoculars except, with a camera. This could lead into some other stuff too.

Maybe Nito-Kodak would come out with some new camera and lenses you can buy fitting the project that your working on.

Maybe on a LOONG Stretch, Photography could become a skill. I don't know why it would and I don't know why I brought it up. But things like that could happen. And maybe some other stuff im not thinking of right now.

So a Yes, for me.

(Edited by Ihasamoney at 4:47 pm on Sep. 4, 2008)