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Where am I to sit... it goes...

I was just wondering how hard it would be to code in furniture in or something. I mean, I've been in apartments and the descriptions are kick ass, but you can't do anything in em. I was just wondering if maybe you could code like a bed or a bar or something in em if that's in their description. That way you could like lay on the bed, or sit at the bar, or even get something from behind the bar. That would be super cool if you could.

Anyways...just a little idea from little ole Kain. Lemme know if its good.

Very good idea, though for most players it would only concern minor furniture, as most don't have apartments of appropriate size or 'quality' to warrant things such as bars.

(Edited by Lotus at 10:55 am on Feb. 15, 2003)

I was just wondering...because that'd be a good thing for us people who could afford good apartments. I've seen some pretty kick ass descriptions of the rooms, and they got some pretty cool stuff...I've even seen one with a bar.

So there's my idea...
I'd like to here some input.

Considering we have nobody living in the green apartments, I think any furniture would be far from a priority. In fact, I wouldn't let anyone work on it because it would be so under-used in its proper themely context.

History Lesson:
A long time ago on a MOO not so far away, there were all these hoodums and PKers and non-RPers who all lived in this building that was `public housing', you know, made cheaper by the government so people can actually afford to live in a rathole. Well, it -was- a rathole in those days (I can't speak about that MOOs condition today as I don't play) but, dispite it being a rathole, there were minibars installed, bars, disco balls and all sorts of high-class things.

The point?

It didn't make sense. And until I see more people living the rich life, the priorities won't change.

I think you can submit room descriptions, adding in things as you see fit, then the GM's get back to you about the price for outfit the room as such, and if you pay, it desc. goes through. Maybe if you get to the point where you're living in one of the nice apartments, such as on GREEN as J-man suggested, you could ask for some furniture.

Assuming furniture was already coded, yes, that would be an option.

Ok...well I hope this isn't too much IC info, but I just happened to be livin in a nice place right now. It's not on Green, but I think its pretty nice. The description says that there's a bed, a bar, a table and everything. It's a pretty cool place, but you just can't use any of that stuff. That's the only reason why I brought up this topic. I just thought it'd be interesting if you could sit on the furniture already in the room description. If you say it isn't a priority Johnny, then I guess I can just give up on the idea, but I just think that it'd be super cool stuff. Oh well...thanks for listening.

Or you could just RP that the stuff is able to be sat upon, and let the Admins work on things that are important.

Yeah, like the matrix and cyberware.

Ok, ok. I get the point. I agree that the matrix and all that other stuff is more important. Sorry to waste your time with my useless thoughts.

Just because were not going to work on it now doesn't mean you guys can't talk about it.

We know where our priorities lie. You can feel free to discuss it til your blue in the face. Hell, maybe something useful will come out of the discussion.

Please don't stop discussing things on the boards because the admin aren't working on them -right now-.

It wasn't a useless thought. It was interesting thinking.

Let me pull a Tash though and point out that you can easily RP about where you are in any room. (i.e. it says there's a table in the desc, so I pose that Tylissa sits up on the table and then if you wanna make it really cool you just change the look_place to "Tylissa is perched on the edge of the table, legs crossed." or whatever)

Yeah, I think @look_place me is a really useful tool. It's how someone knows what your character looks like (wounded, sick, happy, angry, bored, crying, where they are, etc) as soon as they walk into a room, without having to read your desc.

You can really use if effectively for RP to call other players' attention to whatever you want them to notice about you.  I try to change mine frequently, sometimes as I go from room to room. It's not hard, after all.