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Furniture making
player industry

I couldn't find anything like this when searching.

The idea is for players to be able to modify an uninstalled piece of furniture. It would use an existing item to reduce introducing new items. The capacity of the item would remain the same, just the description would be altered, using the artistry skill to determine value.

How many corpie execs want a metal wardrobe in their bedroom? I could see a highly polished stainless steel wardrobe with chrome trim, though. Or whatever their account could pay for. The player "making" the furniture would have to buy an appropriate item from a store, then be able to modify the description, similar to how I understand tailoring to work. Appropriate tool belts and such would be required.

Hopefully it would require minimal changes for the coding staff, but I think it would give a nice custom element to home ownership.

I've asked about something similar before (like making tables out of car engine parts or a mosaic of broken tiles and cement) as well as inside vehicles, but since it wouldn't create RP for many, it was turned down.

You can easily show off your wardrobe to guests and describe something about it if you like.

(I would like to note that though making fuctioning furniture was out of the question, there were other similar items that could be created but you wouldn't be able to codedly place things on it or sit on it.)