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So, just for shits and giggles and maybe a little inspiration to fill all of those fucking channels we have, I'm gonna start spit balling various ideas I have.  Feel free to join in.

To start, basic types/styles of shows:

Sports: Any game with two or more teams or sides (could be 1 on 1), with some way to score points.
Fights: Any sort of various on Fight Night, whether it be a different type of stadium, weapons, vehicles, etc... where the point is to be the last man/team standing.
Games/Challenges: Like double dare, only instead of getting slimed, you died, shit like that.
Reality shows: Longer, more involved shows with a mix of strategy and backstabbing, interspersed with the action of various challenges and other events.
Races: I almost forgot this on.  Any game where the goal is to reach a specific end point.  Preferably alive.

Now, on to the actual ideas:

MotorBall: I already brought up this idea in the Running Man thread, but I really like it, so I'm putting it here to.  Two teams race around either city streets, or some sort of course, fighting over a ball that they then have to get through a hovering hoop in order to score points, while the hoop actively moves away from the ball.  Think Road Rash, meets polo or something like that.

MotoQuidditch: Another one I've mentioned, originally brought up as a joke, but the idea has grown on me.  Basically, the rules are the same as Quidditch (save maybe the allowing of rough play), but in 2d space on motorcycles.  Maybe even a 3d space version with hoverbikes.

Thunderdome: Two men enter, one man leaves.  If you don't know, watch the movie.  It maybe not be the best Mad Max, but still.  I always kinda imagine Barter Town when I go to San Mara.

Borg Fights: Fights between full and partial conversion cyborgs.  Or nano jacked fighters.

Chimera Fights: Fights between genetically engineered beings, be they sentient or not.  Dog Man versus Cat Woman, the ultimate showdown.  GorillaBadger versus TigerShark.  Add in cybernetics/weapons for even more fun.  Elephant with vibrotusks versus a pack of lemurs with SMGs.  Gorillas in power armor!  Yeah, I know I already used gorillas, but fuck you, I like gorillas.

Mech fights: Anything from power armor to giant mechs.  Either hand to hand or weapons, combo of both.

I could go on forever with fights, the variations are almost endless.

Tronbikes: Kinda, motorcycles with crazy ball and chain things off the back, and the point is to use them to tangle your opponent to knock them off their bike.

DeathChess:  Basically, take chess rules, but each piece is an actual person, with a primary and secondary weapon.  The king, or some outside person makes moves around the board.  When a piece is moved to an opposing square it attacks with its primary weapon, while the defender is only allowed to use its secondary, which is not as good, giving the attacker an advantage, but still giving the defender a chance, plus figure in wounds from earlier battles.  Higher end pieces have better weapons.  If it comes down to just the kings left, they battle it out however they want.  Maybe if a piece wins, they can take a weapon from their defeated opponent.  Add armor in too possibly.

Biker/Car Gang survival: Survivor meets meets Junkyard Wars.  Two or more gangs compete for survival in and around a wasteland junkyard.  Starting with nothing but some tools and their know-how, they're given a set amount of time to scavenge and then build vehicles from whatever parts they find.  Then they compete in various challenges for survival and rewards, generally parts, but also food, weapons/armor.  In between, the gangs have to survive, finding food and water and such.  The process repeats, allowing the gangs to build up a fleet of vehicles by the end, which is, of course, a gang war to the death.

Yes, I also realize a lot of these ideas involve motorcycles, but fuck you, I like motorcycles.

Zombie Tag: Played in an enclosed building or walled off section of town, players scramble to find anything they can to use as a weapon, while a zombie is released into the field.  I talking Rage virus type zombie here.  A person who is still alive, but infected with an engineered disease that drives them into a murderous, bloodthirsty, canabalistic rampage where they seek out the survivors.  You lose by either being torn to piece or getting infected with the virus (fast acting, of course), which then means more zombies.  Winning could either be last man standing or whoever (if anyone) is alive at the end of a certain amount of time splits the prize money.  Zombies are killed, those people are cloned.  (plot idea, maybe a Halloween thing, the virus escapes into the city, maybe a player is infected but it doesn't hit them as fast, so they're already out of the game when they turn, or they are a carrier and, I don't know, bone someone who then rips their dick off post coitus.

I think that's enough for now.  Any thoughts on my ideas?  Anyone have any other ideas?  I'm not talking feasibility of actual making these shows right now, more so just ideas.