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I think it would be really cool if there were trash bins/cans and dumpsters throughout red and even gold and green where you can search through them and find stuff. Maybe some of the things that people drop down the chute.

Or half eaten bits of food. Just anything really.

Or even this, you can toss shit in them, like old pictures and... *cough*bodies*cough*... err and other trash. I mean Palmer is always talkin bout throwin peoples gear in the dumpster, why not give him a dumpster?, there's supposed to be one in the alley anyways. Just another passing idea.

The wires touched,*buzz* hehehe..

Guess no one ever actually reads the description in front of the New Rose.

I do, but it's all over filled and not -really- there, so errr.. yeah. I'm talkin bout ones we can toss shit in.

(Edited by Lucien at 10:54 pm on Oct. 15, 2002)



(Edited by Lotus at 8:56 pm on Oct. 15, 2002)

I'm not gonna spell it out for you fool.

*cough* more! more!

heh. i always think how what better place to stash a body then a friggin dumpster.

*treading faintly on the IC/OOC line ?*

it's the description in front of new rose that got me randomly typing approximations of
'enter smelly garbage place'
when wandering the streets

Yeah I've seen that dumpster and the one up on gold too. But I'm talking about more tangile rp things than the one in front of the New Rose.  Dumpsters and trash you can search through to pull things out of.  Not just stuff in room description.

Climb in them search around for stuff and leave smelling like you'd been in the sewers.

*whistles a merry tune*


*sighs and chuckles at those who are clueless*

Okay, okay. I get it.

I didn't think the one outside the New Rose was real since I couldn't seem to examine it.