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Genetic Profiling/ PC Detoxes

I just had a thought based on a newbie's questions about stats and substats.

What if ViriiSoma offered a service (via a PC bio-engineer running some machine in the DCD clinic) that gave characters a greater sense of their substat balance/XP expenditure? I'm picturing some tools for genetic analysis. It would give bio-engineers/VS something else to do, kind of akin to doctor RP but more like geneticist RP.

Secondly, is there a reason PC doctors can't give detox shots? (Apologies if they can and I somehow have missed it). Cheaper detoxes, on the one hand, might give people an easy a way out of addiction/withdrawal, but at the same time it may inspire people to use candy more. I can see both sides of this, but just a thought.

I'm not sure about the scanning for substat balance and UE spent. For a few reasons. First up is that the whole, "Can I see my substats?" is largely a pointless question. There is nothing you can do about it and it puts too much emphasis on mechanics. Secondly, and this applies to both UE spend and substat levels, you have the whole nature vs nurture thing. Where a character stands might have just as much to do with their efforts as it does with genetics.

If we were to ever implement additional systems for measuring character ability ICly (we have a few already), I'd rather see it done in a performance measurement way. Running on some cyberpunk themed treadmill. A grid based hot-or-not app who's numbers are fed by ambient pop (aka derived by your stats). Though I'd rather not create such things solely for the sake of stat checks - they should have some IC awesomeness and reasoning involved.

No idea about detox.