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Get rid of SHI
As a coded mechanic

An idea I thought I would throw out there, open to discussion and so on.

Get rid of SHI as a coded mechanic for IC "employment".

Why does SHI exist? The most common answer I hear is, "To show players that flash is more easily and better generated through RP and PC interactions." (I can also see it, maybe, as a place for the newest of newbies to congregate... but don't we want them moving around to bars and other places interacting with more seasoned players?)

Is this how SHI is functioning though? To me at least, it seems like SHI is not necessary. Very often new players go to SHI and/or: get frustrated, ask how are they supposed to afford gear, quit, grind. And other players explain the 'purpose' of SHI, both IC and OOC, and the cycle continues.

If we want new players to RP, move around, play the game of Sindome... doesn't SHI seem antithetical to all of this? And maybe it is a rite of passage or a lesson to be learned for new players, or an example of how not to progress. But shouldn't we show new players how to play the game rather than how not to? I think we should consider doing away with SHI and make crates/errands the sole non-salary jobs out there. Remove the option of a grind mechanic.

Something like that. Curious to hear the thoughts of everyone else.

Who keeps telling people that SHI is good money? Someone is spreading bad info, thats all.

I've never seen anyone say it is.

My question/idea is more about why is it presented as an option? Is it best serving that purpose?

Thematically it's the backbreaking manual labor that the toiling masses drudge their sorry asses to day in and day out. It's supposed to be shitty and the option of last resort. The home of the have-nots and so on and so forth.

Just as well as it's the last resort, it's a good starting point for newbies. Great place to meet other players in a similar situation, get roommates, help each other find new jobs. I certainly remember the folks I worked alongside while I was still figuring things out.

Thematically it fits, totally agree. But I don't think that addresses the actual game effect it is having on the game and players. There are many instances where we acknowledge that this is a game and not a life simulator and so on.

What does SHI do that crates cannot?

And when times are tough, oldbies end up there too.

I have made some good contacts, and some good role playing through toiling at SHI. Also, it is an option for continuing to earn some chyen when you have exhausted your week of crates.

I made my first major contact as a newbie while working at SHI, which led to my character's first (and current) IC job.

I think it's a wonderfully thematic aspect of the game that should remain.