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Prescription glasses and minor sight issues.

This isn't a thing, I've found, and I feel like it should! This'd simply be an option you can select somewhere, which would give you a very minor perception debuff unless you're wearing glasses. Nothing super debilitating. Of course, prescription glasses would also have to be coded. I don't feel this is particularly complex, and would be neat to see, so I thought I'd suggest it.

I'm personally wondering if glasses would either be used practically, or shift over to entirely an aesthetic choice. At this point in time most people would be able to afford treatment for eyesight that weren't simply glasses.


Nothing that can't be RPed...

It actually can't be RPed according to a GM, so. In their words (roughly), there are no in-game items for it, and you can't put it in your description because then they couldn't be stolen, which would logically put you at a disadvantage. Therefore, it's not allowed to be RP.


I can't find an edit button.

You CAN ask a tailor to create a pair of prescription glasses for your character...

Let's hear from Johnny on this. I told this player not to do that. There are no metal, glass or ploycarbonate materials. Or whatever material will correct vision in 2101.

I always thought this was a bridge too far.

Yes, I understand there's no 'polycarbonate materials'. So either let them make it out of vinyl, or make a polycarbonate material. It's not hurting anyone to have a pair of custom designer shades from your favorite material. The only thing this rule is hurting is the RP.

*favorite designer/tailor.

In my opinion, letting it be made by tailors as a cosmetic thing would also be fine, as the thing I'm proposing would probably be very very small in it's debuff, assuming the devs would also like to implement it that way.

No tailored glasses.

If I personally were to code it at all, it would be a stock game item, you would need a doctor's evaluation and prescription, and the condition would be not minor and would have other coded effects besides just a perception stat debuff.

Ask ANY tailor who has been a player for more than a few months. Ask any player who attended the last Town Hall meeting in October 2015, at which we told the players about the 1920 questionable tailored objects which Johnny and I audited. Tailoring of metal material is a long, long way off. And it is WELL established that tailors can not create any items which yield coded effects (armor, appearance, agility, etc).

All that is why this one seemingly trivial item isn't something we're going to allow tailors to create.