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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Iris

I was just thinking..and please forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but using the go command, I just thought it'd be neat to be able to type "go home", and take the closest designated path to your set home. I know this would probably take quite a bit of coding, but I thought it might be useful in case someone needs to get to their safe haven in a hurry OOCly, and while the character ICly knows the way back, the OOC person for whatever reason can't think of it or can't process it or..whatnot. Just a thought.

With "homes" changing so frequently, it would be quite hard to keep track of where everyone should be coming and going. Plus, all apartments, cubes, etc need codes to enter. Would this command also automatically input the code? If so, would this not be incredibly unsafe, if someone was following your character? Plus, would the command automatically close the door after you? Lock it?

If you know the way to your home, you can just press go n n n n e e e w w w (or whatever) and get there just as easily.

Macros work too ... :)

If the command would just take you to the room you last used @sethome in, that would avert the changing residences for codes, we could just make it known that it will not input codes or anything for you, so you should set your "home" to be the farthest you can go without codes or anything...

oh...and macros only work when going from one specific place to another specific place, both determined at an earlier time, neh?  Makes it kinda difficult when you're on the streets somewhere and just want to get back home...

I think theres a limit to the laziness I'm willing to support :)

Yes, I'm sure knowing that you could get out of anywhere -automagically- and hightail it for home would make everyone's exploration a little more easy and care-free.


Peh.  Just memorize all of the movements necessary to get anywhere from anywhere in the 'dome...  like I kinda have..  Hrm..  damn..  Is it bad when you can go from one sewer to the next with one single string of movements without needing a flashlight or anything?..

Maybe I should take a break from SD for a while...


No, personally, I picture someone much like Darkman or Batman. Just knows the terrian perfectly.

Goddamn it, batman is gay!  I'm not batman!  And I'm -CERTAINLY- not Robin!  :P

*Watches Aikao run around in tights and a cape*


lmao..  maybe I could get away with turning him into Withmore's superhero, eh?  Except for the part where he gets killed by the entire populace of the city.

Ah yes. The problem with being a martyr: You gotta die.


No, see..  I was refferring to the role of a superhero:  to stop all things evil.  This would result in him pissing off every single person in the city.  After all, it is CyberPunk, ain't it?  heheh.  They'd lynch Ike and cook'em for the rats.

I don't see anything wrong with tights or with pissing off (almost) everyone in the city.

Yes Murphy, I'm sure you dont. Heheh....And I'm like Ike I've practically memorized the entire layout of RED and GOLD...I mean when you have a new bloody character every damn month and they're all completely different you learn different areas of the city, and as Kevvy said you must die, i Just tend to do it more...ALOT more than others.....But oh well at least I screw someones SD life up in the process right? I mean if I can do that in a true CP manner then my death was justified...

Wait...back to the topic, yes I just memorized every path used to get places, I used to have many other things memorized but i had to forget them due to a violent smak on the hand
*runs to remove files off his HD*

*runs back out of breath*

Yes I have forgotten them all now...But i still can get anywhere in the city with one command no matter where I'm at....And MAX or AFLAC or someone said something about the 'go home' command knowing your me thats just silly...-IF- there was a go home commmand it should merely take you to the door of your set home .... But I agree with Johnny, thats just too lazy.