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Goodies for us to play with

ok Mace...its a simple self defence tactic and it would be cool...

Ok who here has see Ghost in the Shell?
Do you remember the Thermo Suits they had? I think that would be awsome....

Custom Descs. and shit...a lot of fun!

I'd like to see tranqs, leg cuffs. (No running!), armored bracers with cpus built in... the list goes on and on... unfortunatly, I think more important code comes first... before our goodies.

But you gotta admit, goodies like that would be GREAT!

I want therm-optics...

Jad...I think i'm falling in know your anime:)

*cough* There are thermo-goggles

Therm-opitks were camo suits not goggles. Rent Ghost in the shell and you'll see the light:)

And I haven't seen anybody use the goggles since gally


I have seen ghost in the shell...figured optiks (however it's spelled) meant in optics.

I believe in this situation optiks refers to fiberoptiks, not to sure though......makes sense though

Maybe they call it optics because it has something to do with fooling the eyes? Maybe it doesn't actually have inviibilty/chameleon effect, but just does something to the onlookers' eyes... hmm...

And I don't actually know all that much of anime, but I do love Ghost in the Shell, but I still think it should've benn Ghost in -A- Shell... oh well :)