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Grappling Hooks
Why Dey Do Weird Things?

Just wanting to touch on something here. Does it really make sense for a grappling hook to reach a place beyond its length and then leave the thrower's/shooter's hand, making the hook stuck and unreachable?

Seems a bit over the top to me, personally. Anyone with common sense wouldn't let go of the end. A hook reaching a height beyond its length implies some baka just threw it without hanging on.

That said, -maybe- it isn't unlikely if you're dumb as a box of rocks. So if it isn't already, I submit the following:

Add intelligence/agility to whatever stats already govern hook throwing. Smart people should know better, and agile people shouldn't be fumbling like that.

This seems like a new development and possibly a @bug. In the past, this did not work.
This has been possible for a long time. At least now with the multiple hook bug fix you can try and use a different kind of hook to get up and retrieve your first one.

Before you couldn't even bring up multiple hooks so if you were trying a new roof ON a roof you could get absolutely tree'd.

Ah, scan. It's happened to me a handful of times over the last few years, so I thought it was a feature. I must've missed the thread/s regarding that. Thanks!