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graveyards and burial
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Nicadeamus

I think withmore needs a graveyard, and a place to set up headstones and bury the dead and you know. weep and stuff.

I've thrown this idea around too. I'm looking at two places.. one for red and one for the corpies up on green maybe. Would be a good way to keep track of old players and shit like that.

For some reason that just reminded me of the cloning and death stuff that I remember Johnny was working on at one time. A courier would go and notify a next of kin of the person's death... dunno what happened to that code.

We should probably discuss how the dead are handled in 2085 in an overcrowded city in an enclosed environment.

First thing that comes to mind is incineration. Once the corpse is incinerated, perhaps a masoleum could store the remains on a shelf or perhaps in storage area with special 'grieving' rooms that a family could rent and their loved ones remains are automated-ly brought forward from storage with a pretty picture or some such.

But thats just off the top of my head.

Yes, yes and yes.

Damnation, you want me to elaborate?

Hrm. Graveyard, yes. FS, yes... But Johnny's idea, most of all, yes. Rented booths and an automated shelf stacking system that brings forward your selected remains for viewing, along with a multimedia memorial feed selected by the next of kin when the deceased was commited to the grav... shelf. Damnit, I want a drive-through booth too, for that added convenience.

"Good evening, who would you like to mourn for tonight?"

"Rack 12, row 53? Coming right up... Would you like flowers with that?"

"Thank you, drive through."

I just don't see graveyards having room. I mean, we got Forest Lawn out here and it takes up an entire mountain for 14 million people of LA, imagine what the millions of Withmore City would need. Having a graveyard would just make us 'copying CS' yet again.

Fine. I love the idea of a drive through mourners chapal.

What about a badlands cemetary? This illegal place people who can't afford it go leave corpses and bodies...I mean loved ones lost. Dirt cheap, with old western style wooden crosses over the shallow grave.

I love the idea of a fancy place where you can go to view full on holo's and multimedia torture-fests of the creamated individual. I can see a building, multi story, filled with rack after rack od 6 inch cudes full of the dust of mom and pop. Just pay a onetime fee of 'x' chyen for permanent storage. Viewable at any time for a small retreival fee. WJF and Corp members could have things like that added on as part of there benifits package.

You could even have ultra-uber-rich people preserve an entire bone. Skull. Memory Profile. Like a twisted capitalist version of how Catholics keep chunks of saints and whatnot about. Every now and again rich up and coming CEO's can go try to get a glimps of wisdom from the legbone of 'Withmore Executive b-19'. For a nominal fee of course.

badlands is badlands, but remember, for the most part, your not going to find the down and out treking in and out of the dome because its:

1.) too dangerous

2.) too costly because it's too dangerous.

Remember, the ease experienced in getting in and out of the dome before was not 'how it's gonna be'. It should be an adventure itself getting in and out of the dome.

I like the Idea of the drive through and booths and such....

I just have one question.....

will players that have died before the code...get to be mourned?

Rigby misses Sath:(

I'm tellin ya, it is all about the packs of mutant sewer rats and roving wild dogs and insane flocks of mutant cannibal locust and the 4 winged pigeons that crap acid and....

So, whatever happened to this idea, I don't think it's bad at all... Just bringing it back up for further review...

It exists in-game, its not exactly a drive through but its one of the coolest most underused features of the game.

Hmm, didn't know that. Well, maybe there should be some more advertising of this kinda thing.

It's advertised. We're just not gonna tell you OOCly.

I'm not asking you to tell me OOCly, I just thought that if it was around I'd have heard of it.