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Green Library
The library being down

I know that this was one a thing that was around in the earlier time and eventually went down at some point. But what about bringing it back some? I know personally i would like to see it open and get my hands on some of the books to be able to read IC and OOCly.
I would be super into being able to read books IC. Plus it seems like a pretty easy way for players to contribute to the game?
Also will get green having a bit more roleplay as well as a possible job opportunities?
Library would definitely get me up there for something besides in-and-out shopping.
When the library was functional, books weren't taken out of the library. They were stored on disk and pulled up page on page. Having books that one can remove would not only create objects bloating the DB further but also be yet another anachronism - many libraries already loan out their books as epubs.

I for one however do miss the old library functions (pulling up and reading classics) and would like to see them back, but that would be up to Johnny and Slither to implement, as it depends on culling the book data from certain online repositories.

Could pull a Nook. Have an electronic in which you go to the library and get a disk or something or some way to transfer the data onto it.
It would be nice to implement something similar in the GRID. After all who needs a library when you can just download an e-book to your Term.
Both those ideas would make sense from a strictly IC perspective. The issue here is, if you can simply access these books/documents wherever there's no point to the library and no real value to having the function in game. Sit in your cube and browse to in your browser - the end result is the same. No sense then in putting man hours into restoring and upgrading that functionality.
Well you could make 2 of each book, someone takes it out and if they don't go back and update the due date, it disappears back into the library?
I've seen some books for sale in the Market. If someone has the initiative, they can always build their own IG library with little staff intervention. Can also do a rent-a-center sort of deal. You know, let people rent furniture and in exchange, and make them sign a legal document so you can break into their apartment or whatever to get it back if they don't return it and the WJF or TERRA won't interfere. But, I'm getting off track.
Yes, some books are there but not a lot, that or they are highly expensive and I don't know about you, but 50,000 for a book seems a bit...excessive? But it also lacks variety. It also seems like a lot more work to just build a whole new place instead of just fixing the library.
It's excessive because you think of books as everyday objects rather than antique collectibles - luxury items. The people of 2097 have a different view on the matter.

That said, fifty thousand chyen isn't really a lot. For the average corpie in middle management, that's one weeks' salary. Being poor sucks.

Pffft...being poor is an understatment!
Green isn't for the scum of red. The library was built from an archive of project gutenberg. It took many hours of munging directories.
So I guess we can take that as a no for now?
no for now. :)
Fuck parchment. The library would be a great opportunity to take advantage of scripting, in-game video, and possible the long forgotten StimSim idea. You rent/buy a compilation of Stimsim feeds then jack yourself in and live the adventure.

It could create in-game jobs and a market for people writing those scripts...and could have temporary comparable effects to skill sockets, maybe? Just a thought.

Quote from Guardian:That said, fifty thousand chyen isn't really a lot. For the average corpie in middle management, that's one weeks' salary. Being poor sucks.

As someone who has always struggled to play a corpie character I have never seen a salary that high, not even half that! Just sayin' ... It also seems that the ability to land a corpie job is more difficult than your regular bar tending / tattoo artist / tailor gig. There is a lot of GM involvement needed to make the position and keep it interesting. I would loove to see something done with SkyWatch or the old tech place that got shutdown ICly after the grid incident.

But I like the idea of StimSim and such... would absolutely love to see that put in game as a job opportunity and rp device. Possible side effects could be something akin to Total Rekall effects. :D

I said, middle management. And I have seen salaries that high, in game and salaries more than half that, in game.

And yes, getting a higher end corpie job is difficult. It doesn't only require effort from GMs but also from the player - it requires motivation, creativity, discretion, guile and overall cleverness yet the overwhelming majority of SD players have mouths so big both ICly and OOCly that one could safely drive a cement truck straight through and out into the toilet.

Heh, that doesn't actually sound safe at all!

At least, the part *after* driving through the cavernous opening.

Back on-topic here,

I'm new so I dunno how it used to sposed to work. But, the Universe wiki, was that connected to the Immy hologram like Wikipedia is now?

I use the Universe wiki outside the MOO all the time. Should I regard what I find there as OOC or IC knowledge? It seems like it was originally intended as IC knowledge, so even though it's not currently available in-MOO, I've been treating it so.

The Withmore Historic Archives are open and once again serving citizens with literary classics. Please note that while you may read a book as long as you like, you may not take it off the premise. Thank you. ;)