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grouped @nakeds
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Xu

While setting my @nakeds I noticed something annoying. There are all these @naked properties, for so many limbs, and yet none of them are grouped. You can describe each of your thighs, but not both. Describing both legs, both thighs seperately, is just spammy.
Why not group certain messages, so you can go @naked arms me is " " and it will describe both of your arms, the same with feet legs etc?

This can be accomplished by only using one of the limb message slots. Leave the other one blank and you'll get the same end result as more specialized code.

Or be like me!

when my char is nekid the desc is longer than when clothed!

Quote: from Iga on 9:06 am on Sep. 15, 2004[br]Or be like me!

when my char is nekid the desc is longer than when clothed!

Stop! Don't get those kind of images in my head! Nooooo!! :bugeyed: :boom: