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Guiding other players
An addition to escort/follow

This is a pretty simple idea that has been on my mind for a while, though I'm not sure what everyone else would think.

Right now we have follow and escort for players following eachother. Follow runs into the simple problem that quite often, the person being followed manages to lose the follower due to the difference in PC speed. Escort, however, doesn't make IC or OOC sense to me if you're trying to 'guide' someone somewhere - as it relies on the person walking 'behind' the other for directional input.

My idea is simply a "Guide" command that would require a y/n or @trust from the person being guided, that allows the person inputting the command to slow their PC enough to allow the guided player to keep up, similar to how escort works, preventing the 'guided' player from losing their guide.

For example. Joe wants to show Jane a hidden route to a secret spot. Joe can type 'guide Jane', and if accepted, Joe will slow himself enough to allow Jane to follow him wherever. This prevents Jane having to 'escort' Joe, which as I mentioned before doesn't make sense, and also stops Joe outrunning Jane, as he's more 'focused' on guiding her than if Jane were simply following him.


I think the outrun is a nice mechanic. It doesn't take much to, you know, wait for the person that's following you to walk into the room after you. They lost you? Well, too bad, guess you should slow down next time instead of going 'go n n n n n n w e e w' etc etc.

I don't think this is very necessary as it can easily be done by players just manually typing commands and paying attention to the game.

I had this exact thought last night. Thanks for bringing it up. A level of trust given for a person to take your hand and lead you somewhere was the way I thought about it.
I had this exact thought last night. Thanks for bringing it up. A level of trust given for a person to take your hand and lead you somewhere was the way I thought about it.
Dunno if it would be worth the work though. The only reason I thought of it was because a trusted character spaced out and I wanted to lead them to safety
And Fris, I don't think it's a good idea to give people who space out a way to 'escort' them to safety anyway. If they idle in public, it's their fault. Nobody should get a free pass because you just input a command and they follow you. You can risk grappling them and move them around, but that'll raise eyebrows -- and it should!

I honestly think it'd be powergaming if there was a command to 'guide' idle/spaced out players somewhere automatically and make them follow you around, and I disagree completely with that idea.

Adding on, I don't see much of a difference between this new proposed command and the escort command, other than the order in who walks first. During escort, you -have- to wait for the person to go first because they're basically 'escorting' you. If you're being followed, though, if you don't wait for them, I think it's pretty realistic that you just lose them because you walked too fast. It happens.

Good points. This is why I don't suggest ideas often, I don't have good ones usually, hehe.
My thoughts on this is that it's basically just unneeded. I get the pains of losing someone while they were following you, but I feel like that's totally IC. Streets are crowded usually and if none of the two chars are paying attention to each other, of course they'll lose each other. I mean, I even lose my friends irl when I am paying attention, but it's too crowded.
To counter Ranger's qualms, maybe they could make it a two-step process, where both players have to engage it, so it don't work on no stinkin' AFK's? But Like Diani said, maybe a regular follow is better, so you do have to keep paying attention. I'unno.
follow isn't always used in a friendly manner

escort is behind a trust wall for a reason