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Hacking Minigame for Deckers
A thorough design document

With the help of a friend who isn't in any way invested in Sindome, here is a thorough design document of a hacking minigame for deckers.

You have limited time to get in, cause trouble, find paydata, or strengthen defenses. Get out safely, or risk compromising your identity or getting hurt!

The goal is to make an activity for deckers that's easy for staff to build, has real in-game effects that everyone would want, and allows for RP during the activity.

Overview of the hacking minigame

1) Enter the backend through a modded device, leaving your corporeal self behind.

2) Explore the backend.

3) Find item to hack, encrypt, or mark, while avoiding ICE.

4) Hack or encrypt the target, or mark the backend location.

5) Determine success and get your reward, typically disabling electronics or getting paydata.

6) Return to step 2 or exit the minigame.

Check out the design document to learn the specifics!

This looks fun, but it also looks like it'd be sort of difficult to implement.
Baguette is right in the implementing part. Sounds good on paper but I can see some parts that wouldn't matter or make a difference (which I can't really disclose here because it'd be revealing IC info).