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Hand to hand
Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon

I was actually going over old, old posts in the BGBB and came upon an old thread on martial arts.

Right now admin are going "OH GOD NO NOT AGAIN"

But actually, I was thinking of how it could tie in to existing systems rather than drafting a whole new hand to hand combat skill system from scratch.

Right now, AFAIK, the way it works is you have Brawling and Martial Arts, which are functionally similar except for the stats they're based off of.

I don't see any reason to change that, but I was thinking it would be pretty nifty to allow someone to use the Specialization system to specialize in either of these and have this be the equivalent of "selecting" a martial art.

People with Brawling could have access to one set of fighting systems (boxing, pankration, systema, etc) while those with MA would have access to different ones (jeet kune do, ninjutsu, and so on). Based on which they pick, they would receive defensive and offensive bonuses/penalties, speed penalties/bonuses, parrying penalties/bonuses, disarm penalties/bonuses and so on depending on which they had selected.

Of course, the attacks would have to be rewritten for each fighting system and this would take fucking forever. So why not have players do it? Pass out a template and of what needs to be written for each attack message and let us volunteer to fill it out. When an admin has time to go over it to make sure it isn't fucking retarded, it could just be pasted in with VMOO.

We actually have a web based weapon editor that you cut and paste into the moo at the end, so its even easier to design new weapons in this manner. :)

Well, somewhat off topic, but Merainethal, Ravonic and myself at least are certified gun 'tards. So if instead of having a bunch of Ruger P93s in the game for example, you wanted more 9mm handguns (or other calibers - it's kind of weird to have the Mk23 as the only .45 and no 1911 for example) with the exact same stats but different desc/name/attacks I'm sure we at least would all jump on it. Just parent to the existing 9mm, .45, .357 etc. generic and apply the @messages.

As an aside. :P

Especially considering that the Mark 23 has been discontinued already...

Which doesn't really matter because SD is on a different timeline than the real world.

Which means there could potentially be Unica-6's around. <.<