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Have all characters use PC style names
No more multi-part NPC names


I think it would be a huge improvement if all NPCs used names that fit PC naming standards. This would mean no more names consisting of a title and name or a first and last name. If the NPC has an established title in their name, move that part of their name to be an actual title. If they have an established first and last name combo move one of the two to be a title.


I think this would be good as it will make meta a little harder as it will reduce the range at which a PC can make the assumption that a given character is an NPC. As it is you can sometimes know a character is an NPC from one or more rooms away which could influence a PC's behavior.

We all know we should treat NPCs like PCs but I have personally seen cases where this is not done. Literally along the lines of, "That guy standing out from the crowd down the street is nothing to worry about. I can tell. They look INSERT_LAME_REASON_HERE." Just because it was a two part name that clearly IDed the character as an NPC.

I also feel that most of us goof this up in minor ways without meaning to. We simple see a name that can not possibly belong to a character and proceed with certain assumptions based on past experience. We're not trying to be bad players but it happens on some level for many of us.

By removing this flag it would be harder for people to meta at range - even for those of us who try hard not to.