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Healing and Damage as phases

From what I can tell in the few times I've been wounded and didn't die right afterwards, when you heal it works like this.

You have an ugly bruise on your junk. You're in distress.

Fast forward time, it just vanishes and you no longer have a bruise and are no longer in distress.

Healing, same thing, just much faster.

What if bruises, lacerations and the other damage would heal in phases?

Like it starts out with an ugly bruise, and slowly morphs into a simple bruise, to a slight discoloration, to healed?

Just think it would be a nice thing to tell passage of time with wounding. Like that guy must have got his ass beat a few days ago and can't afford healing because he's got that discolored spot on his head etc?

Just an idea.

Healing already progresses in phases.