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Hidden items within inventory
I always keep a shiv in my boot

So you can hide items on locations and hide yourself with your items in you, but you can't hide items withing yourself or your inventory.

The idea is basically you can hide relatively small items in your person and when searched by other or pass through ambient security still have them in your person if not found.

I wonder if there is a coded reason why something like this would be difficult to implement or if you could just use the same mechanic for hiding objects in places but within your inventory, maybe using a different wording for it.

Anyway, that's my idea. Yay.

I think a "slip" command to unwield/wield something would be useful. In my experience, there are "parasitic" items that will cling to other items in your inventory but the tricks of getting things past security are fun if of themselves.

A few items that could be undetected by security would be call. Notably weaker and disposable would make perfect sense much like the firearms that currently exist in that realm which are remarkably underutilized.

I've recently asked about this as well, Ergo, and without giving details (which I don't really have anyways), certain things are taken into account when being frisked so that the frisker can miss seeing items on the friskee.

That said, I really like the idea of being able to make a certain item you're carrying harder to find. Like hiding a letter you're carrying on you making it harder for a thief or a frisker to filch it / find it.

(In the meantime, for general play and not in frisking situations, hiding yourself will do the trick as long as a person can't see you.)


Slip command like a stealthy wield command?