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Hiding a bomb


as far as I know from my testing there is no way to have a time bomb hidden and also counting down to detonate. Obviously there's a chance I'm doing something wrong, but let's assume I'm not.

Seems to me like it'd make sense if said bomb's did a ton of damage or something, to stop people being op with them. But they deal such negligable damage I really don't see an issue with having one or even two or three of these going off while hidden.

So yeah, suggestion: hidable explosives!

This is available in game in ways I can think of at least.

Bombs really don't do negligible damage at all though, if in the rights hands. They do require extremely heavy investment.

'This is available in game in ways I can think of at least.'

Timebombs require being anchored like structures to count down which precludes being thrown or hidden. Conventionally.

I don't think it's a terribly big issue because of the potential destructive power of bombs (and even if somebody makes absolutely shit bombs, they have a tendency to cause a massive effect on RP, often more than what's reflective of the actual damage they're doing to people on tile) and moreover the fact that tampering with them requires skill. I assume that the bomb maker's skill relative to the disarmers comes into play here too, so you could have very hard to deal with bombs, but I might be wrong here.

Moreover, from a roleplaying standpoint, the timebombs in game are large. They're not exactly things that could be concealed without a great deal of effort and could be stumbled upon easily in any trafficked area - such as a street - even if concealed. On the other hand, they're big enough that they'd be terribly hard to hide in a more intimate setting.

Stealth and concealment play very well with Explosives already, I don't see this interaction adding anything especially with it not fitting with the unwieldy size of current bombs in game. Not to mention that absolutely weaksauce bombers already cause a huge amount of disruption (HOLY SHIT, BOMBS) because it's pretty hard to distinguish a skilled users bomb from a shit dud without standing in the blast.

My opinions come from playing around with explosives extensively.

As Crafty hinted though:

If you really need to get a bomb hidden in an area, I'm sure you can think of ways besides 'hide timebomb', which is strictly what my post touched on.

I suspect you are running up against a balance issue, and a coded change would be inappropriate as a result.

However as both Crafty and Euclid have pointed out, there's more than one way to skin an IC cat.

Your first line of defense against this problem is @add-note. I have found this tool to be the number one way to enable GMs to enable you.

I know it sometimes feels like giving your game plan to your enemy. But GMs are friends, not food. They're here to enable you and your RP. If your planning on doing anything that involves blowing stuff up, it actually behoves you to enumerate your plans in detail. On more than one occasion the GMs have coached me and worked with me to ensure that RP happens the way we all think it should: With maximum immersion and minimum distraction. Because let's face it, it sucks when you go to do something that you've worked hard to do, only to run up against coded limitations. This is where the GMs can advise you best, and help you to avoid that disappointment, and enable the RP you want to enable.

Whether unwittingly or not you've adressed the issue of 'bombs not doing enough damage'. I thought that bombs were identical regardless of creator, but it seems the quality of the maker affects the characteristics of the bomb, so thanks! :D

And as to hiding, after some thought yeah I can think of a couple ways, so thanks! :)

Issues here - resolved as far as I'm concerned