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Holding cigarettes with your mouth
Smoking on the go

Really simple idea - make cigarettes of all kinds 'wearable' in the mouth slot or something similar to it.

While worn, the cigarette gradually ticks down via passive smoking until you automatically trash it after a reasonable duration.

There's a lot of times where I'd like my char to be seen smoking, but not actually have the cigarette in their hands. A lot of smokers hold their cigarettes with their lips a lot of the time passively and some people even smoke that way with some practice, like when working on other things that need their hands free.

+1 to this, I rp it in my head this way, and it can be annoying when you get into fights and you're holding a cigarette.

+1 If it's possible cause I burn myself every time I suddenly remember or need too change a piece of clothing.

As a former smoker, and computer programmer who had to puff butts while typing... I totally understand this idea and think it makes sense.

However, I'm sorry to say that the amount of code it would take to incorporate this is so excessive that I don't think we will ever do it.

It sounds weird to hear that it would be a difficult thing, right? But there is no concept of a mouth slot currently. There are no commands for interacting with just your mouth, or indeed for any specific part of your body-- outside of wearing clothing and holding things in your hands.

In the end, you can post holding it in your mouth. Hell, if you have a cigarette on you and you want to just RP lighting it and putting it in our mouth and updating your look place to show it's in your mouth and then posing that you're puffing on it: go ahead. As long as you then trash the cigarette after your RP, that's fine. It's RP. You don't get anything from actually smoking a butt ICly.


'wear cigarette'

I don't understand that. [try 'examine me', 'examine here' or 'examine ' for more help]

You could just put it into the face slot or something I guess, just have it always appear as the topmost layer.