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Holding Your Phone

I just noticed, quite by accident, that I could make a call using a Progia-7 I had stashed. I don't know if I can talk that way as well (the person I was calling did not answer). I am new to phones so this might be intended but I kinda feel that I should have to hold the phone in order to use it. I am doing that now anyways but thought it might be worth coding in?


call XXX-XXXX with phone

SORRY! You have to hold the phone to use it!

Butt dialing?

Stealthly calling someone so they can hear the room's sounds?

That could be a new skill! We can call it Butt Phreaking!

Anal phreakage...

This is as intended. You can call someone from your pocket in real life too. You cannot talk to your phone if it is not held though.