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Hotels and restaurants

I'd like to see a nice swanky hotel on Green or something. Not a cube hotel, but a genuinely classy hotel, with rooms and suites and minibars in the rooms and the like.

a place that cost 2k+ a night for the smallest rooms and stuff.

Maybe have a resaurant in it, too, the kind of places you pay a weeks wages to eat a chicken leg with some fruity flavoured sauce dribbled over it, with a side plate with half a lettuce leaf on it.


You mean environments that would allow corpies/higher class people to hang out? I've been waiting for someone to pop this one up for a while.
I mean, come on, we need the other areas populated...who expects to see Gerik, infamous TV star, or Natasha Moss, hoity-toity clothing designer in the Drome?
We let it slide because there simply aren't PC's any where else. It's definately not an IC issue, or they wouldn't be there.
Ahem, anyway, yes, I agree with this.

So do I.

Grunnen's and Rosa's just don't cut it. The food court in the mall is just...well I can't see any of my characters really wanting to hang out there. Check out the food court at your local mall and tell me how many people there, outside the Christmas shopping season, are over 18. Not that many.

I'd like to see some more upscale entertainment. Something for the rich and bored to do, or richer and bored to do. Places for them to press the flesh and see and be seen.

A hotel would be a good place for it.

While we're on the subject of Green is the gate to VP going to be open? It seems a bit ridiculous that the residents of this rather upscale apartment complex have to climb over the fence to get in and out.

What about the university? or of the shit that is supposed to be up there.

You know, I keep scheduling time to work on that during the 25 and 26th hour of the day, but it just never seems to work out.

~ J :(