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Hotwire kits
More uses please?

Apparently these hotwire kits are 1 use only? Seems like they should at least have 3 uses on them in case you fail and don't just blow the whole wad (they are expensive as balls) on a bad roll.
Or only fizzle out on a success.
I would second the 'only fizzle on success'. I think this is -way- over balanced as it is.
Agree with above. Failure burning out the expensive kit seems especially punitive to novices.
The same thing is said about chem labs. Novices aren't the intended users of those and don't have the chops to profit from those, either.
If you are finding yourself being cautious about what vehicles you try and steal because the mere attempt will cost you, then I think these are doing their job as intended. :-)

I would argue that they could be cheaper and have a chance to fizzle, or only fizzle on success. Being as costly as they are -and- fizzling on failure makes them not worth even really trying.
As a car owner I'm obviously biased, but I very much have no problem with hotwiring and stealing a vehicle being a difficult and costly venture considering how much that ride cost me.
Why yes, this does mean the value of what you're after needs to be higher than it was previously. This was meant to nerf casual vehicle theft and its working well.