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How about a river thing?
Waterm, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

I think if you stuck in an area whose main feature is a big river or reservoire or something it'd be cool, i know you cant just stick in a few areas here and there whenever you feel like it but you know what i mean. it'd be a nice meeting point and might make for some nice RP, for example i can imagine a few nice one on one duels taking place there at night. people could get shoved off into the water too, which would probably be fun for someone. that someone being Me of course. ME anyway it'd make sense too cos the people would need somewhere to keep their recycled water. i can imagine beach-combers going down to see if anyone's thrown away any nice junk too. except there wouldnt be a beach. plenty of combs though. combs everywhere. maybe the Reds could use it as a swimming pool too. endless fun! yays, yays. especially when the swimmers swim their way into the water supply. Muhahahahahee.

Me thinks someones never been outside the dome. ;)

aww. lol

oh well i have ANOTHER idea!!! hehehehee

me thinks someone hasn't completely explored the inside of the dome.  

me thinks someones fluffy bunny.

We have sewers ya know.

Yeah, been scavenging around in the sewers once but couldnt think up another IC reason to do it again cos the first time was so yucky. *whaps insert key.* i just personally think a giant river/water pool thingy would be nice too, and would also be a much nicer meeting/duelling to the death place, but Johnny hints at something like that outside the dome anyway.

oh well, at least my topic got some posts lol. :)
*tries to figure out the mega-smiling smiley with the teeth, fails miserably.*

Me thinks someone has the mind of Chansey and the hair of Trowa.
Which makes it very hard to eat, drink and kiss.

Uhm, this is 2089. Who duels by a Riverside? Thats so 1642.

I guess all the cool kids duel in the sewers nowadays.

Only if your hardcore.

The cool kids, however, duel in WHJ. Find it, and go duel.  :-D


Naw, all the cool slummers duel  in heaven. (all I can say without going too IC)   But if you want to duel with a judge, at WHJ......(god I hate IC boundries)  than there's always... uh..... SIC...


me thinks...

. o O
corn muffin


then me gets a headache