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Human-powered Vehicles
Bicycles, rollerblades, hover boards and Snow Crash planks

So I’ve been thinking that it would be rad to have human-powered vehicles in SD, like bicycles, rollerblades, hover boards, Snow Crash planks, etc.

WHY? Because motored vehicles are expensive and waiting for the lev can be tedious as fuck.

HOW WOULD THEY WORK? I envisioned them working as a piece of ‘clothing’ that you can equip like boots or a wheelchair. When you are using them you move faster than walking but it would depend on your agility stat. Also much like fighting or sneaking, you would get tired from moving on your human powered vehicle, which would depend on your stamina. You will get sweaty and dirty from riding it too much, obviously.

Also, you would be able to take the express way by making some kind of roll to avoid getting hit by motored vehicles, but it would be possible if slightly dangerous.

I think this is more than possible to code without too much hassle and the ability to have cheaper vehicles will allowed people to travel more easily between sectors which would in change provide more RP in general for all, instead of RPing waiting for the lev.

If you like this idea please speak up and suggest a couple of cool cyberpunk human-powered vehicles that come to mind. Thanks.

No hoverboards in this universe.

Unicycles. Funny.

But, don't you see?

Cyberpunk = The Haves vs the Have Nots.

Corporate workers vs Mixer entrepreneurs vs people on both sides scraping by. (Or even some corporate entrepreneurs.)

And no way would some vehicle like that go in the express tubes. When I think of express tubes, it's sort of a mix of things like Minority report & Total Recall (I, Robot?).

I've taken a little scooter on a highway in LA and immediately exited. There is no way vehicles like what you describe would be going in that express tube. Not with the number of people driving in it.

As someone else's post I've read somewhere but am lazy to look it up to quote it correctly - Get a job you Mixer scum.

I personally think it would be cool to have person powered vehicles. In fact I have thought whilst rping Damn I'd like some rollerblades right now... I do however agree. No way are you taking these things into the express way safely. You might stand a litte better than someone on foot (perhaps) but then again if you get hit by a car whilst going faster it's going to hurt more.
It's fair to discuss these game mechanics and possible items (obviously excluding things like hoverboards that aren't to exist in the SD universe). It's still a shitty way of getting around, just accessible to mixers eventually and opens up new avenues of RP. Nobody uses a skateboard to get all the way across town unless things are going real bad. On the other hand, it gives corpies more culture to appropriate, claiming to be the most advanced skaters, the coolest looking, have the best skater fashion, etc., with corporate-sponsored skating competitions for the children and 20somethings of leisure. There is a lot of opportunity to open up new avenues of RP here in theory. The lev's real themely and all but it doesn't really scan for absolutely no one to market faster alternatives that are still cheap, other than the eternal limited-coding-and-designing-time issue.
I had just come to the same dawning moment, wondering if things like rollerblades and skateboards were still themely. If they are still themely, great and I would like to find out more as in whether or not they should or are; a coded aspect or whether they could simply be RP'd and to what length? a physical form like clothing or an imaged form through actions. Just trying to wrap my head around whether or not they would still exist and if they did, whether they may be a piece of junk to resurrect, a cheap find on a dusty shelf, or something still rather expensive?

Skating on Green and Gold should be a crime.

I could see roller blades on Red. Used by runners and forced on some as a sign that you are pretty much owned by whomever is telling you to deliver things.
Not sure how I feel about this in general but it seems to me that roller blades could just be shoes with a bonus to quickness. Kind of like how some clothes might boost your charisma. I am guessing that skateboards and bikes and the like would be a bit more complicated though.

The book Virtual Light seems to support the themeliness of bicycle's. One of the main characters was a bicycle courier in a place reminiscent of the Mix (thought a little more wholesome perhaps).