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Just keep following the watch with your eyes...

Hypnotism could be an added skill, where anyone can attempt to hypnotize someone, but it depends on the skill. Resistance to hypnotism could be based on how crowded and/or noisy the place is, the victim's intelligence stat, and whether or not the victim was prepared for the hypnotism or they saw the hypnotist preparing to hypnotize them. To put the skill in check, I think still in addition to the other factors, to stop hypnotism from being too powerful, there should still be a certain sum of luck involved, and also the hypnotism gets less effective as time goes on, before it releases the victim at a maximum of maybe 45 min-1 hour after the hypnotism originally occurs. Also, the act of hypnotism should the only be allowed to be performed once a day or once every two days. If successfully hypnotized, the victim should still be able to try to resist, but their willpower gets weaker gradually over time, giving them less and less chance of breaking free. The intelligence stat can also be lowered for a temporary period of time after being hypnotized, the amount depending on the strength and length of hypnosis. Certain items can also be bought, like watches or swirls, possibly, to aid in hypnosis, though they should not be too powerful, and someone with no skill in hypnosis should not get a bonus from them. In addition, also, to manually typing in "resist" or something, the victim should automatically try to resist every time they try to perform an action- the chance of them breaking free, or at least staying hypnotized but stopping themselves from doing the action, would depend on the difficulty of the action. For example, ordering the victim to kill someone would yield a much higher chance of them breaking free than ordering them to walk down a street, or follow you. It's just an idea, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
Oh, forgot to mention, there can also be an @trust option to trust someone whether or not to hypnotize you.
I see no reason why this shouldn't be RP'ed.

It's well documented and understood that hypnotism is complete bullshit, and only used as an excuse for clever trickery by magicians and the like. That's why there's been zero reported court cases of people being tricked into something hypnotized, except perhaps on TV dramas.

If someone REALLY wants to allow their character to fall under the influence of someone who's going to all the trouble, then let them. Otherwise, unless some serious drugs are involved, this is quite silly.

Agreeing with ShinMojo, I doubt this feature would be fitting according to the theme we play. I understand there's now IC methods to read other people's mind, but stretching it further into hypnotism and other pseudo-science magic stuff fits more in a fantasy game.
Have you ever researched hypnosis?

Without going in-depth, hypnosis relies on putting someone in a state between consciousness and sleep wherein the mind becomes very prone to suggestion. Hypnosis usually only works if the subject is a willing participant. This all said, RP is champion of all. If you want to RP hypnosis/brainwashing, find someone who's game to do so and RP it, but not everyone likes their character to be forcibly controlled. All this being said, if you want to manipulate people, just look up grifting techniques.

TL;DR Roleplay>code

Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback!
Without going in-depth, hypnosis relies on putting someone in a state between consciousness and sleep wherein the mind becomes very prone to suggestion. Hypnosis usually only works if the subject is a willing participant.

Yes, I have. And no, it doesn't. You are in fact no more 'susceptible to suggestion' when you're half asleep. That's the complete bullshit part. Hypnosis 'works' when the participants are willing and capable of responding. That precluded a 'half-asleep state'. There's literally nothing to it.

This is something that can be roleplayed and requires no coded means of implementation.
Even if some coded result yielded a "you are now hypnotized" status, what would the in-game result be?

It would still be 110% necessary for the hypnotized character's player to RP it, unless what you have in mind is that the hypnotizer would achieve coded puppetry over the other character.

the hypnotizer would achieve coded puppetry over the other character

But... there's a themed way to do this, and it doesn't involve psuedo-science. It's called chrome. Technology. That's the theme. And we have it already. Find out more IC.

What I was saying without saying (Socratically) was that it's not simply sufficient/satisfactory/possible to RP ths, but it's actually completely necessary to RP is.

And if there really is an existing way for a player to "achieve coded puppety" over someone else's character, and it's IC, well I'll be damned, I've never even suspected such a thing.

Even GMs can't puppet PCs, themefully or otherwise.
You're just not thinking outside the box. Yes, it won't let you 'puppet' them. I understand. But see through their eyes? Pipe thoughts into their head? Stop them from ... Just use your imagination.
Fuck no.
That is indeed my point, this is RP, not "themeful chrome-supported IC Features" which is what it sounded like you were saying.

The point is, coded state-of-hypnosis, meaning coded capacity to override someone else's will or perceptions, is totally meaningless because the victim's player absolutely has to consent to RPing the result of such a coded status.

A coded skill resulting in a coded status is totally useless if the other player doesn't play along.