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I don't like you so ...
Attitude from NPCs

Ok, so what if your charisma were taken into account when you interacted with -all- NPCs?

Maybe a bartender wouldn't tell you what's on the menu, or wouldn't serve you, or threw you out.

Maybe a loanshark would charge more interest.

Maybe a shop owner wouldn't sell to you.

Just a few possibilities ...

wouldn't most newbies ... others for that matter... get kicked out of the drome then? :P

i smell like periwinkle!

Actually, not selling to you wouldn't make much sense. Ugly, smelly, or rude, they'll want your chyen.

Of course, when you start scaring away their other customers with your sewer reek, then they might tell you to get out. Logically speaking.

Hey, stop making fun of me!!  ::sniff::  Eugh...

The coders are working on a frame work to make this happen. It is called the 'Faction' system. It involves a hell of a lot of back end work to build the infrastructure to make dynamic relationships between NPCs and PCs, and between NPC Group Types and PCs. Jman is the one to ask about it, but I liken it to GTA2, how if you work for one syndicate, the others get angry at you over a period of time.

Here, the system would be more dynamic in that there are a wider range of NPC and PC relationships to account for. At the moment it can be manually set by staff, or puppeted into a situation. And yes, I think Charsima should be used in many more things. I think that if you reak, smell messages should make people in the room take notice of your stanky ass self. And if you've been in the sewers, people should be desperately tying to hold the contents of there stomachs in.



Speaking of the sewers, I just want to state that I really approve of having all those rats. It makes people more aware of how nasty the sewers actually are. Now people don't just shortcut through there cause it's cheap, without thinking about how nasty that would be. Those rats suck, but I think it's great that they're there! Much more believable.

Hmm, maybe not six or eight in one place though?... Sometimes I think it may be a bit overdone.

Actually, it seems there aren't enough rats in the sewers to be realistic.  But that's my opinion.  Still the charisma thing sounds good, I 'spose.  Though that means Ike will probably never get a job again.  :P