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I just had a great one!
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Nicadeamus

If you are wanted by judges, the NPC judges should attack you!! Coming out of a tank would wank eh?

Yep, good idea and one we're looking at implementing eventually... One thing tho, generally, coming out of the tanks wouldn't always be a problem since fresh clones are assumed innocent of most (not all) crimes if the previous clone was caught, sentenced and terminated by a Judge. The execution punishment, much like paying a fine, is considered to be serving your debt to society.

In the few cases where execution doesn't clear your name, you will generally be sentenced to imprisonment or banishment (exile to the badlands).

It's unlikely anyone will be sentenced to perma-death, although I'm not saying it's totally impossible. Also, legally at least, the WJF will not tamper with or erase clone data, that being against various global laws and treaties established in the Sindome theme.

Ilegally however...

Wait, what am I talking about, most of the judges just aren't that smart.  They'll pull a trigger, not tamper with clones...  What was I thinking?  ;-)

A quickly depreciating $.02

Can we count this one as done?

I don't think so. Even though gangers have @hate.