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I want gum
To chew...or not to chew.

Low Priority Status, but we already have cigarettes and food. Gum could run on the same kind of scripts/commands:

Open pack of gum

get gum from pack

chew gum

blow bubble

(cigarettes have a physical item being held, however, and gum disappears into a characters mouth. Maybe that's a problem)

More importantly, however, I want to stick my nasty, no flavor gummed up gum all over the place. Especially on the Lev and under tables in the bars.

Just something silly and light hearted, but might be fun and haven't seen it anywhere. If its IG already then pardon my ignorance.

Given this is a low priority-- feel free to make up your own brand of gum with it's own personality, emote/pose having the package, emote pose popping it into your mouth, blowing bubbles, etc. If people take a liking to it, maybe it'll be something we create.