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Immigration Package

When newbies come in to the game, they don't know what the fuck to do and @newbie goes (and can only go) so far in terms of IC information.

I was thinking it would be a decent idea to have an immigration package/pamphlet given to newbies when they go through chargen so they get an immediate taste of what exists in Withmore in terms of housing, jobs and attractions as well as a quick rundown of the Law and the justice system.

It could either be an ingame item, or a PDF that could be linked from inside the game (in this way, it could even be used as marketing material to get new players interested).

I'm sure all active players would be able and willing to contribute to and help create such a document and would require next to no GM involvement short of looking over the content to ensure it meets the spirit of the game and divulges only the necessary IC information, and to plonk it somewhere in chargen.

Just an idea to help motivate new players to stick around.

Great thoughts. I've thrown similar ideas around in the past, but nothing really came to fruition. We put the Immy hologram in place (currently not working due to The Mind being down) which gives a bit of IC info, but you also need to know what to ask about.

I'm sure a few of you will remember the maps we used to give out to newbs back in the day. These would also be pretty helpful to most newbies, including certain places that they may want to avoid for the time being due to various dangers. I know I've seen quite a few asking about in game maps. The SIC one is pretty useless and while the grid one is great, they still need to figure out and be able to access the grid.

I'm surprised no players have tried to do something like this before. Create their own IC documents to hand out to newbies. Get advertising from local businesses to throw in it. If they were diligent enough, create custom packs new people could purchase.. perhaps a weapon, cheap armor, GPS, canteen, food, flashlight, whatever.

I'm definitely for something like this if we can make any player's initial experience in the game a bit more user friendly.

When I was a noob I got a package that had a phone in it and a suit of nexus armor.

I got told these were put in places new players would notice him and they'd get a lil boost.

Not sure what happened to that. I found mine outside of the gate when I walked in.

A lot of the IC information could be conveyed *through* ads.

Saedor Krupp could advertise this or that cyberware with "Now available at" mentions.

Genetek would advertise their cloning service, etc.

A bit how in-world information was divulged in the GTA 3/Vice City/San Andreas pack-in map through 'fake' advertisements.

The issue I'm seeing though is doing it in ASCII would be cumbersome at best, thus the idea of making it a PDF or ginormous JPG/PNG.

I know there's plans to do the wiki up with IC content like that, probably somewhere low on the list though.

Would be cool, any graphic artists with time on their hands?

Somebody probably ran around and picked them all up and sold them. I'm not seeing any generics, so it's possible it was a one time deal to test that system out or put there specifically for you. Leaving things lying around usually ends up that way and it's usually not a newb that finds it. I've left tons of stuff in newbie areas over the years and over 90% of the time it's definitely not a new person claiming it.

In any case, barring my ideas for what a player could possibly do as a tourist guide job, we could either add this to pop into a person's inventory right out of chargen or have it given to them as they walk through the gates. I'm still curious why everyone arrives naked, but that's another thing altogether.

I asked that same question before FS and I think if i remember correctly the answer was "You lost all your worldly possessions traversing the desert"

And I do believe my response to that was... "What the fuck happened to my underwear?"

We should give a generic shroud style desert romping getup to all immigrants. If they can carry 1100 chyen to get in the dome, they need somewhere to put it other than their ass.

Pink dresses on everyone.
There's a thread that addresses the Corpie coming to the dome vs Mixers. I'm not gonna search for it right now because I'm plastered...but someone should. Just' sayin.
Due to the front gate being the only place you can get a SIC in an automated type fashion, Corpie characters are generally put somewhere safe while their history is approved, walked through, then beamed up to neo trans.

Could we instead make a portal at the Neo trans from chargen as a corporate option? maybe.

I allways thought that a simple set of clothes in chargen would be nice, not just a raggy shroud, but maybe a t-shirt, pants, shoes/boots/etc. Not all people huff it through the sand to get to the dome, afterall.

It wouldn't be too difficult to write a brief script...maybe their should be a new set out of automated "Background" points which can be allotted to dictate what you come to the dome with.

I'm going a picnic and I bring a Glock 20...?

So I was dicking around on the internet and remembered about the Google Maps MapMaker utility. I wonder if we could use that somehow...
I'd like to revisit this thread again. Maybe we can get some feedback from some of our newer players and what information might be useful to them.
Quote: from FireStorm on 4:54 am on April 23, 2011[br]I'd like to revisit this thread again. Maybe we can get some feedback from some of our newer players and what information might be useful to them.

As for maps, the one on the Grid was very helpful. Did you want to update the map on the grid or make an ascii map in game? Maybe the ascii map can just be main streets and points of interest for new players.

Things I would have liked blatantly pointed out to me.. Clone. Terminal locations, instructions and use of the grid. Markets. Mag-levs. Jobs. This is stuff I sorta know now, though. I have other questions too, but they would be lengthy and more about the mechanics of the game. That's all I got, currently.

You guys could make something IC where players can research information on skills. Not to learn new skills, but be given information relative to their proficiency. Things other players could not learn unless they had the same level, or oocly got it, but whatever, not extensive information and hardly paydata.

I picture a book thrown into the goodie bag, "Inside Withmore: The field of <blank>" I like this title cause then you could write in the perspective of someone who has had to deal with the quirks of working in the dome hehe... Anyway, to read and comprehend the info, you would need the required skill level. If you do, you get Entry Level info like Vehicle Types, Equipment, and maybe OOC tips and other info that they should know given their skill level. I'm not asking for a master's degree summarized into a paragraph, lets just start with entry level help for players. But I have other ideas.

I thought of this because I didn't like my character not knowing something, because I couldn't figure it out.

Not for the development of skills. Only helping the player to interface, and specifically, RP better with their skill. This can be done by other means, but I have trouble fastening other realities with Sindome, so some basis would help.

I would volunteer my help in researching/writing relative help files. I personally want to put in valid and interesting information that players can use when having a conversation about their skill.... so they can sound boss.

This has probably been said before but what about making a job that tailors to showing newbs around.
WCS immigration services or something along those lines.
It would provide Chyen for the holder of the job plus show those new to the game where things are.
How to access maps, places to avoid, places to work.
Plus it would stop those new to the game constantly pestering admins with stupid questions, give new players a chance to roleplay thus hooking them into the game and expanding our player base.
Courier jobs are intended to introduce players to new locations.  The Immy Hologram has lots of information on Jobs if you ask him.  So do other NPCs.. if you ask the right ones.