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Immy SIC Shout
Notification of an immy coming in

Let's face it, getting your feet wet in this game is incredibly difficult. I had no idea that the SIC was a thing until luckily someone came and told me, and that was only because WCS happened to have someone on greeter duty at the time.

Would it be possible to have some sort of anonymous SIC chatter like we see when someone kills someone else when an Immy walks out of the courtyard or something? This would allow them time to talk to Immy the Hologram, maybe get some clothes, and wander southward. It would allow players like myself who don't really work for WCS but want to help new folks get adjusted within RP reason. I would argue that someone who receives some sort of RP attention in their first 5 minutes is way more likely to stick around.

Something like:

Flux> Jesus Christ! That Immy just headed out to Sinn Street with his dick flying in wind! 20 chy he dies in the next hour!

Plunk> Oh great, another immigrant just stumbled onto Sinn Street. Somebody tell this baka to put on some shoes!

Or something like that :P

So you're saying something that let's existing players know a new player has entered the city?

We've already got that - it announces on the Game-Help channel.

From what I'm gathering, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that he's seeking a more IC announcement to get them into the stride of things.

How could you not notice SIC chatter when you get in the city? I am thoroughly confused. It's usually the first thing every new player complains about... ironically on the SIC.

I would love an IC blurb over SIC when a new immy enters the city. That would promote awareness and possible RP.

I agree. I think this would be a great idea. Also maybe encourage the new player to start using the SIC and asking questions. I was intimidated of SIC as a new player.

As soon as you get your chip installed you start getting feedback from it that makes it apparent. You're getting cues to interact with the SIC and by proxy other people by exploring the commands.

And IC indicator on SIC would be going insane due to the countless of immigrating people every hour in the IC reality of it. I don't see the need for any kind of change, as I've already stated, the first thing a new people usually does is ask about their chip and the weird chatter going on.

It does it's job.

So, people are not reading @newbie? It's not like the section on "Communicating ICly" is the sixteenth one or anything.

Besides. The proposed SIC messages would miss them a large percentage of the time. The courtyard is as susceptible to SIC signal outage as the rest of Red Sector, and that's not going to change.

I'll tell you what though: I'll update @newbie 4 so that it hints more strongly at exactly what SIC is and how to learn how to use it effectively.