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Improved drug set ups
Drug labs for the 23rd Century

Currently there are drug setups in game that are used/described as being basically 'closet' drug setups. With these, come a percentage chance of having them explode and be destroyed. Which, this idea is not in argument against. I completely get some shoddily-set up drug lab/press on a fold-out table that is hastily constructed should be a risk. And, is great for the 'start-up' entrepreneur who has little to no knowledge of drug paraphernalia.

That said, my idea is this. Allow there to be two types of drug setups that can be obtained. One like above - cheap, dangerous and risky. A second that is more expensive and requires a high degree of understanding in specific fields of expertise (i.e. stats) that would reflect a higher standard of construction and competence. There are still risks with these - I'm not asking for there to be zero risk - but the risks are exponentially lower due to the higher quality construction and the know-how of the operator.

From my limited understanding, both of those types exist on the current lab. What type you get depends on certain circumstances.
If you want to make drugs in a location not 'meant' for this purpose (like your mothers garage or kitchen), then that comes with tradeoffs. There are ways to minimise and mitigate potential risk, you just need to find them ICly.