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Increase the @hate!
I @hate you!

So, here I am, sitting on a nice, sunny Canada day drinking my iced coffee, and of course my thoughts drift to hate.

@hate specifically.

Basically, Judges are @hated by gangers and park NPCs on Red. Which is very themely.

Yet, I find myself wondering, why aren't there more WJF Guards and Judges on Gold, Green and Blue, who @hate wanted criminals?

It's also themely. :bash:

unlike uniformed judges who are instantly recognisable... there would have to be an APB on the criminal for lowly street judges to recognise them in someplace like blue or green. but er... agread. :-P

oh, and is it a tim hortons iced cap?

je dois checker ci j'en ait 'nuff money pour m'en acheter one.

(Edited by Bias at 7:14 pm on July 1, 2003)

Well, I meant perps for which we have a description - like on the Tac-Comp (notice I also said "wanted criminals", not "anyone who's commited a crime"). Mind you, a shit-covered person climbing out of the sewers wearing a ratty shroud and swinging a sledgehammer or something around should arouse some suspicion even if they ain't wanted, but hey, there's limits to code, heh.

And no, I make my own iced coffee - with a martini shaker. Works like a charm.