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No more freebies!

So after watching people roll in one after the other, getting their bleeding status cleared up for free, and then just taking off to log out in a cube or idle until they're healed, I started thinking.

First I thought, "How about we make it so that if there's a registered pc doctor in the room, the NPC does nothing?", which I countered with "but what if they're AFK? Guy just bleeds out?"

Then I thought, "Okay, how about the just charges for stopping the bleeding?" Countered with, "Would a doctor really just stand there while someone was dying just because they didn't have money? He'd at least do something, right?"

Finally I got to a reasonable idea. Infections!

Whenever you're affected by the bleeding status, you have a chance of getting an infection. The chance of this is relatively high if you just walk into a clinic and let the doctor stop the bleeding before walking out. The more healing you receive (either from the NPC or a PC doctor), the less chance you have of getting an infection. Infections would be treated like any other disease (which means you'd have to go to the doctor, there'd be recovery time, and it'd be friggin expensive).

What do you guys think? Counter arguments? Expansion?

I think there is already something like this worked into the system. I may be incorrect but I do know that certain environments have a percentile chance checked against certain variables on giving you an infection. As far as I know as well, all of the coded illnesses are an infection of some kind.
There are environments where you have a chance of catching something. I don't know if this is GM managed or automated, but I don't think there's a general "you didn't get your wounds treated properly" type infection. a.k.a. festering.
Automatic stopping bleeding is coded as bleeding will kill anyone if not treated. So the NPC automatically stops it. Bleeding can be stopped by different methods outside of a clinic as well.

I do agree with giving people infections for not treating their wounds. But this should take into account the places the person is. Like open wounds in a sewer will definitely give you an infection while being on other places should get you a lower rate.

Now for players not going to the player doctor and instead going to the NPC, that might be because you're just standing there and doing nothing and not engaging them in any RP. Or they just don't want you to treat them or whatever reason... Do they even know you exist?

I'd be willing to accept this system on RED and GOLD, but the upper levels are fairly spotlessly clean and groomed so maybe something to be coded in as a higher percentile on lower levels or something. Or just GM managed (because we don't overwork them enough already!)

But it's seriously not much different than what some people do in real life. They go to the ER, get enough done that they're not in danger of immediately dying and then check out AMA and sleep it off at home or a friend's house.

Environments is a good touch.

I'm not sure where the last part came from. As far as I know, there hasn't been anyone ignoring PC doctors, and I don't see anything in my post pertaining to that.

It sounded like you were resentful that characters could get their bleeding stopped for free by going around a PC and asking the NPC doctor to heal them until it starts costing them money.

And that you were looking to solve this "problem" by suggesting consequences for getting the freebie.

Was that the idea you were proposing?

That sounds about right, Vetra, if I understand the original post correctly.

I've seen people walk in to FullerMed to get the freebie emergency "let's stop that bleeding" treatment and then, at "barely clinging to life" status, calmly refuse healing that would cost money, claiming that they see no point in paying for treatment since their wounds will heal just fine on their own. It's a risk if they find themselves in another sticky situation, sure, but it's typically a manageable risk, dealt with by moving to a safe location or avoiding dangerous areas, as the original poster mentioned.

On the flipside, I also see people who want to pay for treatment and who seek healing because they have "vicious cuts," but because their HP-equivalent has already regenerated (they didn't make it to the clinic in a timely fashion), there's nothing I can do for them codewise. In these cases, I still RP some minor treatment, but I feel guilty about charging much when there's no codewise difference before and after "treatment" - and I have been told several times to "go by what the code says."

I am wondering if, in addition (or as an alternative) to the original poster's suggestion, wounds like "vicious cuts" could be appreciably tied to some form of treatment, so that they don't just magically disappear within a day or two on their own without at least one visit to a health professional or the use of a medpak or something. The heal command might be used even when HP has regenerated, in order to improve or normalize the rate of wound healing. In cases where people don't have their wounds checked out (regardless of HP status), perhaps their risk of infection might go up, or it might take longer for their wounds to heal? This way, there would still be a good reason to see a doctor even if your HP-equivalent has already regenerated or your bleeding has been stopped.

Ultimately, I'm not sure whether these are serious problems or just annoyances to someone in my position - I've only been doing the doctor/medic thing for about two months now. But there's my two cents, if it helps.

I feel like this is the last thing we need worked on.
Madyriel: As I've stated either in-game or maybe on the BgBB somewhere else, I've paid coded money for non-coded items several times now, and I have no qualms with spending money for something that should RP wise cost something. If someone wants treatment for something that codewise isn't neccisary, then they're looking for RP and you're supplying, good on yah mate.
Likewise, twinks who just want to 'make sure I don't die' before leaving the clinic are NOT looking for RP and aren't looking for realism either, so, I don't know what you do about people like that.

Well hey now, as I stated above, it's quite realistic for people to leave AMA, as people do it in real life all the damn time. I mean look at all those crooks who get shot up, get the bullets pulled out, then flee the hospital before the cops can show up.
Re: paying for non-coded goods, I've done the same, stryder, but in the case of folks seeking treatment for healing, I think they genuinely just don't know any better. They see vicious cuts and think I can do something about them codewise. I feel like a letdown when I can't, but the RP is still appreciated.

If they do know better, and they still seek treatment, that's awesome. :)

Although players are expected to RP their wounds out they often do not, especially when adrenaline kicks in people get really survival instinctish with their characters and tend to ignore good opportunities for RP to avoid clone death.

It's hard to police this, I give out reminders when I see it though but you can't FORCE people to RP something that might guarantee their death because they're out in the open with 10 hp. They'll blame the GMs, and/or they'll stop playing the game and we'll have less players and things won't be as fun on the regular.

It's one of those self-policing things that players need to be responsible for if they want to be seen as a Good RPer to the general community.

Cerberus: any tips for us doctor types on how to handle players who metagame their injuries? Should we say something OOCly or contact a GM, or just try to handle it ICly somehow? Advice on what's appropriate would be welcome.
I think it is harmless to say in OOC something like "Wow you're moving around pretty good for someone who is barely clinging to life." But let's not be insulting or authoritative when dropping hints at RP opportunities.

Adrenaline is a hard thing to fight, ask anyone who has been in combat in SD. Some people actually get the shakes on the other side of the screen.

You can also easily ICly go 'HOLY DAMN BATMAN, YOU'RE FUCKED UP!' In not quite those words. I've had people do it to me and it made me go OH DAMN! And start RP'ing my injuries once i took actual note of them OOCly
I still get the shakes even these days when I am involved in combat on the game.

Sometimes it might take me a few minutes to settle after a rather intense session or moment. I know what it's like. >:Dc