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We want gangrene!

So, I personally have noticed a strange influx of horrid wounds that seriously...they should be rotting, causing fevers, and ultimately (without treatment) killing players. Whether these wounds are just in the @nakeds of players or the players have gotten into a major fight, wandered off codedly mortally wounded, and went to get a pint instead of going to the doctor.

So, my suggestion, add infections. The problem here is that the current wound system may not differentiate between wounds that you could probably live through versus wounds that have been caused by being stabbed, shot, or otherwise. I'm not entirely sure how this would have to work out in that respect.

On the other side, I would ask that people research their horrific wounds and decide if their character would even be able to walk at this point.

This is another sleepy post from me. Thank you and have a nice day.

The current wound system *does* differentiate between cuts and wounds you could likely live through and the wounds from being short, stabbed, etc.

There's something called bleeding which does happen. If your wounds are severe, even if not bleeding, you still can die. You can kill a person even if you are merciful and leave them.

It seems your complaint is more on the lack of people RPing their condition? Nicely bringing it up to their attention can help. Something like, "oh my god, man. I don't know how you're upright and you don't look so good. You should really see a doctor."

I didn't know how wounded I was once and was ooc'ly told and then I could RP appropriately. Giving a friendly nudge is all right but yea, the player should RP having a hard time at it when injured, including soreness, etc. after codely healed.

It is in the list. Not top priority though
The problem here isn't a problem with the wound system or with the infection system.

It's that players put whatever the hell they want to into @nakeds.

I'm aware of a particularly wild example, where the injury wasn't even sustained in-game and is described extremely unrealistically after years of time to heal.

Get real, people, or, you probably WILL find yourself with an infection, if you want to continue to elect these ridiculous comic-book descriptions.

Your @naked right this is "A massive, hemorrhaging laceration leaves his leg nearly severed completely in half, yet he walks like nothing has happened. He's Jesus!!!!!!"

Out of curiosity, does staff have code that allows them to see roleplay happening universally across the game? I have to imagine so, because how else do you know when I'm always doing stuff real badz and make fun of me for it all the time? I guess it'd be crass to pull the "Admins police us!!" card, so these are one of those things where we have to police ourselves. I'm never comfortable talking OOCly or pointing out the absurdity in other people's RP. Tips?

Yes, admins are omniscient
We don't see everything, as I've said elsewhere. Not that we can't, we just don't. It would be too much, plus there's stuff we don't WANT to see.
Tip: yes, be free to point out when someone else's RP is ruining your immersion.
'Tip: yes, be free to point out when someone else's RP is ruining your immersion.'

On a tangent, I've recently seen a wave of thinly-veiled gripes about peoples' RP on the SIC and that ruins my immersion. I think it's fine to point out something particularly wild or ridiculous, but seeing what looks like OOC attacks over the SIC is a bit far, especially when it concerns presumptions about other characters and not hard evidence like otherworldly nakeds.

Policing RP is fine but the policers should ensure that what they're doing is also consistent with their own RP.


I wouldn't assume that attacks were OOC or inconsistent with RP. That's ruining your own immersion to be quite honest by thinking that someone is using SIC to OOCly gripe.

That's nice, Myth. It's a response I was anticipating too.

I don't necessarily assume that people are using SIC to OOC gripe. I see plenty of SIC gripes that are griping about theme, while themselves being themely and consistent to the character. I wish this was always the case.

Also, if we see people with open wounds doing things that would get them infected, we make it happen... We have coded bacterial infections that will damage you for that end.

If you think you see a case of someone using SIC that is OOC, maybe xhelp it? Though, I suppose you'd have to know the character's personality and situation to make it a firm case.




If you think you see a case of someone using SIC that is OOC, maybe xhelp it? Though, I suppose you'd have to know the character's personality and situation to make it a firm case.



I'm good, I trust that players can be mature enough to police themselves.

Anyway, Jinx: Awesome. I'm not going to defend players who want to RP horrific injuries and deformities by saying that there shouldn't be any drawbacks, such as infection and so on. I think this is absolutely the right direction.

However, what I will offer is this. An OOC reason for players taking such bad deformities is because they're a new or younger player. People who are new to RPing after often so scared off of the idea of being a Mary Sue that they saddle these ridiculous injuries onto their character in order to 'fit in' or appropriately balance their characters desirable and undesirable traits.

Sure, it gets old real fast. It's annoying to see. But let's step back and realize that these are people who are learning, who are making an honest effort to avoid bad RP habits (and unfortunately making other bad habits in doing so). So let them take their licks. Let them develop infections and experience other drawbacks.

We can tackle this in a manner that doesn't involve needlessly teasing the players of the characters in question. We can do so by giving them a themely experience, by avoiding them over an 'equal' who doesn't show such disfigurements in their nakeds, by keeping them at arms length, not by doing battle on SIC with such wit that equates to 'LOL YOUR CHARACTER IS BAD'. It comes down to phrasing. It comes down to tone and the dialogue we choose. Perhaps I'm being overly cynical - perhaps I'm holding the RP to a greater standard than average and finding an issue where others might not. If that's so, then I'm sorry, but I think we can create much more compelling counterpoints and stories around these negative traits than, 'Lol, x character has y quality!' 'How original!' 'Lol, I've been doing y quality for months. Get with the program.'

You know what's a really good way to deal with bad theme? To drown the bad theme in fucking theme.

tl;dr humans are humans and not trash, they deserve to be handled with the same maturity we expect from them and given a themely experience in counter to their (often innocent) breaking of theme
I pity the fool that ignores the gentle nudges to RP wounds and such.. giving Jinx any excuse ( not that he needs one) to give you a vicious, horrible, nasty disgusting virus/infection/illness.. that's just madness.. :)

I do believe that with his Armor/Cold/Pestilence coding work Jinx is working he way around the four horse men....

"i looked and there before me was a a pale horse.. its rider was named Jinx"

Mucho love :)